What is Oneness of a Person?

What is Oneness of a Person
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Oneness Defined

Beyond the other thoughts about yourself, beyond those ideas or concepts that shape your personality, there exist who you really are. It is defined as oneness of a person. The timeless and formless reality is in the soul of every creature or every human being. But, how will you know if it is really oneness? When your mind is still, you will feel a certain energy that moves through you. This realization is called the source energy’s awareness. But, not all people are aware of it.

Generally speaking, the reason why some people are not aware of it is because they tend to concentrate solely on the mind. Due to this, this blocks the awareness of person on the existence of their being. Thus, when you start to focus only on your thoughts, you reduce your ability to function properly. If you want to see your whole being and your path, you need awareness that will be able to transcend you the delimitations of your repetitive thinking.

Relative Self

The thoughts that you often identify makes the relative self, which only comes to understand and know itself through judgment and comparison with some things and people. This is also used as the basis of one’s duality. Everyone is differentiated through their talents, specific strengths and weaknesses, and unique physical characteristics. However, when you identify relative existence, you will only get conflicts in the long run.

Because of the different things that one’s mind is focusing, many people tend to lose sight of the timeless and formless reality, which holds the life altogether. If you have successfully filtered awareness solely with the concepts and abstractions of your mind, you will be able to set a connection with your life. You have to take note that life is life. It is not a form of abstraction. Therefore, the sense of oneness is the same as the nature.

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The Restless Mind

The restless mind together with the constant analysis, judgment, and comparison, keeps your focus on the relative world. That is the human suffering’s core because when isolating yourself, you seek for salvation through judging yourself as the superior to another person.

There are also cases that some people mask their inferiority, which is the result of self-damaging and addictive behavior. But, this does not mean that you won’t undergo the process of transformation because in order for you to achieve enlightenment, you need self-forgiveness.

How to Achieve Oneness?

There are various things that you can do to achieve oneness. Some of these things include meditation, manifestation, prayer, living with peace and love, maintaining a healthy body, mind, and soul. All these things are important and they are required especially for those who want to achieve results. Through these things, you will be able to understand more about oneness and you can become a Christ Conscious person in no time.

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