Wide Asleep

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Why do human beings with so much untapped potential go through life without taking the time to notice a smile from a stranger?  Why is it that we accept whatever happens in our lives as the norm?  Why are we so busy making a living instead of designing a life?  With this book, my hope is to assist you in answering these questions and others you may have as you read.


You may be wondering, What makes Timothy an expert on this subject?  My answer is this.  For more than ten years, I have studied my behavior along with countless others who have stumbled along the road most often traveled.  Following the masses and doing what the masses do, and usually ending up in the same rut as the majority of the population, I discovered that whether we like it or not, we become the environment that we choose to live in.  We accepted others’ B.S., or belief systems


We followed the herd for fear of rejection. The weeds, the negative input from outside sources, in our subconscious feeds off the drama set forth from the previous examples.  The weeds will grow regardless; however, we must learn to pull them.  We have a gatekeeper, our conscious mind, and its ability to choose what we want to focus on.  Believe me, if you focus on anything with laser-like precision, you will bring it to you. This means success or failure.


When you visualize, you will crystallize, and when you crystallize, you will materialize whatever you truly desire.  First, you must decide what you really want.  If you asked one hundred people this question, ninety-eight will not be able to give you an answer.  I mean a deep-down gut check; know what they want, how they are going to get it, and whom they are going to help so it will happen.  The clearer the picture becomes in your mind, the closer you are to achieving your goals.  Do whatever it takes to stay focused, write it down, cut pictures out of magazines, draw pictures, and most importantly, see yourself already achieving what you want.  Success begins with knowing what you want.  Your success is here for you now.  You can have that great feeling of achievement anytime you want it, now.  Do not think in terms of Someday I will reach my goals; someday will never come, trust me.  Our average life expectancy on this earth is 25,500 days; we do not have time to wait for someday.


What gets you fired up and juiced with a burning passion that nothing can stop you?  If there is no passion in your life, you are not following your bliss and not doing what you are supposed to be doing.  Ouch. Hurts, don’t it?  I hope thinking about this will help you move from pain to pleasure.  Look around you, look at yourself; most of us live without passion in their lives.  This is what we do, whether we wish to recognize it or not.  Every action we take is an attempt for us to move from pain to pleasure, from discomfort to comfort.