The Secret Behind Subliminal Messages


What makes subliminal messages so effective? The secret behind them is a fact that advertisers have known for decades; the more people are exposed to something, the easier it is to influence them.

Suppose, for example, that you want to give up smoking. You know it’s bad for your health, it’s expensive, and it’s becoming more and more anti-social. You have the desire to give up, for all the right reasons, but just can’t seem to take it to that final stage.

Believe it or not, your conscious mind is getting in the way. No matter what you really think, you don’t have the ability to put it into practice in the regular course of events. Your day is busy, you’ve got lots of other things on your mind, and you haven’t given the idea of quitting smoking enough priority.

The Subliminal Advantage

Subliminal messages are positive affirmations presented to your ears or eyes at a rate or volume that your conscious mind is unable to detect. Your subconscious mind, however, takes in everything. These messages bypass your logical conscious state and go directly to your subconscious. If messages are sent frequently enough they’ll start to change the way you think, and therefore the way you behave.

Someone who wants to give up smoking might be presented with subliminal messages similar to these:

• I am stronger than cigarettes
• I respect and nurture my body
• I am able to resist the temptation of smoking

Reading these three short affirmations on a page won’t produce any magical results within your subconscious mind. But imagine the impact if, instead of three messages, your subconscious was exposed to thousands – over and over again – for a couple of weeks. All the research shows the same thing: gradually your attitude changes, and then your behavior.

How Subliminal Messages Work

Some people argue that, if you can’t hear the sounds, or you can’t see the images, how can they possibly make any difference? The point is that you aren’t aware that you’re hearing or seeing the messages, but your subconscious mind still takes them in. That’s the reason why subliminal messages work in the first place – because they sneak into your head, bypassing your conscious rational mind, and getting at the core of your belief system.

You’re exposed to subliminal messages every day. You might have the radio on in the morning when you drive to work and keep hearing about a new film that’s just come out. The first time you hear it you give it your attention. As the days turn into weeks you’re no longer consciously listening to it, but the information flows into your subconscious mind. If it’s a film that interests you, this constant subtle reminder will probably be enough to get you to go to the cinema and watch it.

Now think how powerful that process would be if it was something you desperately wanted to achieve, like giving up smoking. Your determination combined with the mind-changing power of those positive affirmations makes a winning formula. Eventually you’ll think of smoking as a disgusting, destructive habit that you can’t believe you started in the first place.

If you really and truly want to make lasting changes in your behavior but can’t seem to find the impetus to get going, try subliminal messages. You’ve got nothing to lose and the chance to gain a new and more rewarding lifestyle.

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Which Is Better – Hypnosis Or Subliminal Audio?

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Which Is Better – Hypnosis Or Subliminal Audio?

Hypnosis is well recognized as a quite traditional form of personal development, but it is under “assault” from an increasingly popular and easy to use method of personal development: subliminal messaging

I have used both standard hypnosis, and subliminal audio and experienced great results, but here are my thoughts on the positives and negatives of each method

Hypnosis: Now a very mainstream part of our modern society. Everyone knows what hypnosis is, and it is widely proven and accepted as a very efficient form of self improvement. It can be really powerful, and can bring a result after just one, or a few sessions. I do like hypnosis, but although some people experience internal change quite quickly I do find that it takes me more than a few sessions, and it isn’t always practical to sit in a trance for 30 minutes a day if you lead a busy lifestyle, but some people, especially some of my friends, do react very well to hypnosis, so if you have time and money on your side it can be an amazing tool

Subliminal Messaging: getting used more and more over the last 5 years and is really growing in credibility due to the success stories and people sharing experiences around the Internet – it seems everyone is giving them a try, and some are are getting fantastic results. It works in a similar way to hypnotherapy does by sending positive suggestions straight into your subconscious mind to make a change to your beliefs and behavior patterns. The main advantage is that you can listen to them at anytime, and anywhere. You won’t enter a trance, so you can listen while you study, work, exercise, and of course while you sleep.. On the down side the changes can be more gradual, as the subliminal messages build within your mind, but this would still be within a couple of weeks which is still quite good to achieve a lasting internal change.

At the end of the day there isn’t really a single “best method”, like everything it is personal preference. A method which works for one person might not be so great for another – we we are all programmed differently.

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How Can Subliminal Messages Help To Improve Your Self Confidence?

Boost Self Confidence

We all know a friend who is naturally confident, they are social and extroverted and they are very outgoing in all situations.

Perhaps you are more introverted and “naturally” shy. You may feel like your confident friends are gifted from birth and you will never be like this, but this isn’t true.

Confidence is a skill that anyone can learn. The only difference between you and these confident people is that they have developed the skill from their childhood and experienced a lot of positive reinforcement, whereas perhaps you have faced rejection or criticism in the past, and where they grew more and more confident you perhaps grew anxious, or a little more shy and entered a negative spiral of sinking confidence.

Confidence is all in the mind – i.e. in the way you process your thoughts, and importantly your self beliefs and beliefs about what you are and aren’t capable of. Once you have the ability to change these patterns of thinking within your mind and change your self beliefs then you will really become more confident.

But How Can I Do This?

This is when subliminal audio can be useful!

Subliminals will can gain easy access to your inner min naturally and make changes to these negative self beliefs. Gradually they will replace them with positive beliefs and stimulate positive thoughts within your mind – basically to stop you thinking like you do and help you to instill the types of beliefs and thought processes shared by the naturally confident people you look up to.

Just imagine what it would be like to have the same set of self beliefs as someone who is just naturally confident – feeling excited by social interactions, feeling more extroverted, actually wanting to voice your opinion – think how confident these beliefs would make you on the outside!

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