Music’s Healing Power — The Perfect Therapy

Music’s Healing Power — The Perfect Therapy. You’re about to be wheeled in for surgery. You’re very nervous, and nothing anyone says is going to make you feel better. Finally, someone turns on some incredibly soothing music. You finally feel the peace wash over you and you know everything is going to be okay. Is […]


Disturbing Trends in Subliminal Advertising

Disturbing Trends in Subliminal Advertising. Subliminal advertising has gone mainstream – fake news, mind control scripts, propaganda and stealth voicemail are in wide use by corporations, government bodies and industry groups. Image by Jerzy Górecki from Pixabay By Martin HowardAuthor of We Know What You Want: How They Change Your Mind Some of the biggest […]

Subliminal Messages: How Do They Work?

Subliminal Messages: How do they work? You’ve probably heard of subliminal messages. There are lots of urban myths about how companies and advertisers use these kinds of messages to persuade customers to act in certain ways. The truth is, however, that subliminal messages won’t make you do or feel anything you’re not already inclined to […]

Develop Your Memory With Subliminal Audio

Develop Your Memory With Subliminal Audio. Subliminal messages are becoming more and more popular. People are using them for a lot of self-growth areas now, and this is mostly because of their good results in key areas such as subliminal memory improvement If you’re not familiar with subliminals then here is a quick guide to […]

Subliminal Messaging or Positive Affirmations?

Subliminal Messaging or Positive Affirmations? Subliminal messaging is being used increasingly more firstly because it provides excellent benefits, and also due to its practically effortless way it works. Just about all you need to do is play the album in the background and the subliminal phrases will pass straight into your unconscious mind without your […]

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