The Secret Behind Subliminal Messages


What makes subliminal messages so effective? The secret behind them is a fact that advertisers have known for decades; the more people are exposed to something, the easier it is to influence them.

Suppose, for example, that you want to give up smoking. You know it’s bad for your health, it’s expensive, and it’s becoming more and more anti-social. You have the desire to give up, for all the right reasons, but just can’t seem to take it to that final stage.

Believe it or not, your conscious mind is getting in the way. No matter what you really think, you don’t have the ability to put it into practice in the regular course of events. Your day is busy, you’ve got lots of other things on your mind, and you haven’t given the idea of quitting smoking enough priority.

The Subliminal Advantage

Subliminal messages are positive affirmations presented to your ears or eyes at a rate or volume that your conscious mind is unable to detect. Your subconscious mind, however, takes in everything. These messages bypass your logical conscious state and go directly to your subconscious. If messages are sent frequently enough they’ll start to change the way you think, and therefore the way you behave.

Someone who wants to give up smoking might be presented with subliminal messages similar to these:

• I am stronger than cigarettes
• I respect and nurture my body
• I am able to resist the temptation of smoking

Reading these three short affirmations on a page won’t produce any magical results within your subconscious mind. But imagine the impact if, instead of three messages, your subconscious was exposed to thousands – over and over again – for a couple of weeks. All the research shows the same thing: gradually your attitude changes, and then your behavior.

How Subliminal Messages Work

Some people argue that, if you can’t hear the sounds, or you can’t see the images, how can they possibly make any difference? The point is that you aren’t aware that you’re hearing or seeing the messages, but your subconscious mind still takes them in. That’s the reason why subliminal messages work in the first place – because they sneak into your head, bypassing your conscious rational mind, and getting at the core of your belief system.

You’re exposed to subliminal messages every day. You might have the radio on in the morning when you drive to work and keep hearing about a new film that’s just come out. The first time you hear it you give it your attention. As the days turn into weeks you’re no longer consciously listening to it, but the information flows into your subconscious mind. If it’s a film that interests you, this constant subtle reminder will probably be enough to get you to go to the cinema and watch it.

Now think how powerful that process would be if it was something you desperately wanted to achieve, like giving up smoking. Your determination combined with the mind-changing power of those positive affirmations makes a winning formula. Eventually you’ll think of smoking as a disgusting, destructive habit that you can’t believe you started in the first place.

If you really and truly want to make lasting changes in your behavior but can’t seem to find the impetus to get going, try subliminal messages. You’ve got nothing to lose and the chance to gain a new and more rewarding lifestyle.

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It doesn’t get any easier later, it just gets later


War is cruelty, and you cannot refine it. Every attempt to make war easy and safe will result in humiliation and defeat. If the people raise a great howl against my barbarity and cruelty, I will answer that war is war. It is not popularity-seeking. War is, at best, barbarism. War is the remedy our enemies have chosen, and I say let us give them all they want. There is many a young man here today who thinks that war is all glamour and glory; but let me tell you, boys, it is all Hell!”

– General William T.Sherman.

“There are no spectator seats in an ambush.” It is the only way I could psychologically justify many of my actions during war.


To look back at our lives and try or discover why certain things happened can be what I call an enhancer. It expands my references and may explain some of my actions that have made me what I am today.

1 out of 4 returning veterans with PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder will commit suicide. 1 out of 4, freaking astonishing!!!.

I personally preferred for awhile what I call “suicide on the installment plan”. This is where one drinks massive quantities of alcohol and prodigious amount of pills until you shoot yourself or just die. Well I couldn’t bring my self to shoot myself (i enjoyed the pain too much) I was in Latin America and my friend finds me in my hooch with and empty bottle of brandy and pills and says “do you think you need some help” I thought “no I’m killing myself just fine thank you”.

Like a wounded animal I had crawled off to die by myself. Someone had found me, not my plan This was in the late 90’s so back to the hospital I go for the umpteenth time. It was a nice four walled place in Panama City, Panama.

I had seen death in Africa years before and it haunted me. Ahh but my ego would not permit me to deal with it in “positive constructive matter”.

I had friends who ended it in their own way. Hell, I hand nothing I thought at the time to live for. A paternity suit, the IRS, I’d look in the mirror and after all the “pats on the back”, all I saw was the angel of darkness and me running. I was flat broke.

I was drinking brandy because it was dirt cheap where I was at. God awful nasty but it did its job. I ate when my body made me. Once again I thought, “you chickenshit, you can’t even kill yourself right”.

This began my journey into self awareness. I searched for meaning in my life. It was like when the astronaut “Buzz” Aldrin came back from walking on the moon. He felt like “how do I top that”. “Buzz” crawled into depression and a bottle for many years. Hell, Neil Armstrong refused to talk to any media for over 2 decades. I never walked on the moon though I lived through things that some could not even imagine living through. I was addicted to it and I loved every minute when “the shit was hitting the fan and I was in the middle of it. Then I knew peace, an eerie peace, the senses, and the awareness.

The awareness THAT was what I was looking for.

The awareness was never found in a bottle of booze or pills. I only discovered it in Iraq after bull@itting my way back to a Department of Defense job. I had to see the beast (war) that fed me for so long again.

What I was doing to that point was not working. In 7 years I had 23 jobs. This was from 1998-2003. I was flat ass broke, on the verge of losing everything including my wife We later divorced). I had to get that job with the DOD (they knew I was crazy so I got it). Next thing after 2 tours I’m out of my mind and found drunk in the back of a Iraqi bus. My boss, (who I thought was a prick). Says to me. (After he gave me a rash of shit). You’re done aren’t you? I said yes I’m done. That was it he helped me out of the bus. They got me out of country quickly, Funny just like 10 years before in Mogadishu. This time I’m on a C-5 just like 10 years ago. Wow what a coincidence I think. I had gotten pretty good at lying to doctors so in Kuwait I lied again and they bought it. If not, it was a one way ticket to Landstuhl Hospital in Germany in the psyche ward.

I had finally gotten to a point of enough leverage (pain) that It became a “must” to find solutions if not only for myself but for others who may have these same issues. This is how my first book “PTSD: Pathways Through the Secret Door” came about.

The secret door is our mind. It is not what happens to us, it is what happens within us that matters. It is unlocking and opening doors within our subconscious mind and tapping into our full potential as human beings. Learning that Living is Giving and our mission on this earth is not complete, well until it is complete

PTSD: Pathways Through the Secret Door

Paperback: 88 pages

Publisher: Lulu (July 27, 2007)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1430313196

ISBN-13: 978-1430313199

My purpose is to express my enthusiastic inspiration by living in the now.

Acting my way into right thinking by assisting others

It doesn’t get any easier later, it just gets later


Which Is Better – Hypnosis Or Subliminal Audio?

Try Subliminal Audio For Free!

Which Is Better – Hypnosis Or Subliminal Audio?

Hypnosis is well recognized as a quite traditional form of personal development, but it is under “assault” from an increasingly popular and easy to use method of personal development: subliminal messaging

I have used both standard hypnosis, and subliminal audio and experienced great results, but here are my thoughts on the positives and negatives of each method

Hypnosis: Now a very mainstream part of our modern society. Everyone knows what hypnosis is, and it is widely proven and accepted as a very efficient form of self improvement. It can be really powerful, and can bring a result after just one, or a few sessions. I do like hypnosis, but although some people experience internal change quite quickly I do find that it takes me more than a few sessions, and it isn’t always practical to sit in a trance for 30 minutes a day if you lead a busy lifestyle, but some people, especially some of my friends, do react very well to hypnosis, so if you have time and money on your side it can be an amazing tool

Subliminal Messaging: getting used more and more over the last 5 years and is really growing in credibility due to the success stories and people sharing experiences around the Internet – it seems everyone is giving them a try, and some are are getting fantastic results. It works in a similar way to hypnotherapy does by sending positive suggestions straight into your subconscious mind to make a change to your beliefs and behavior patterns. The main advantage is that you can listen to them at anytime, and anywhere. You won’t enter a trance, so you can listen while you study, work, exercise, and of course while you sleep.. On the down side the changes can be more gradual, as the subliminal messages build within your mind, but this would still be within a couple of weeks which is still quite good to achieve a lasting internal change.

At the end of the day there isn’t really a single “best method”, like everything it is personal preference. A method which works for one person might not be so great for another – we we are all programmed differently.

Why don’t you be the judge? You can download 3 FREE and potentially life changing subliminal audio albums here with a massive $44.91 here. This way you can experience it for yourself, completely risk free, and see see how you react personally and if it is right for you or not. Then if it does work for you the sky is the limit! You can get subliminal self motivation albums, albums for charisma, financial success, sports excellence and much more!

3 Magic Words That Eliminate Stress Instantly!

“3 Magic Words That Eliminate Stress Instantly!”

Follow This Simple Advice To Instantly Change Your Life
By Andy Shaw

Wouldn’t that be wonderful, a way to eliminate stress instantly what a gift that would be to our wellbeing… But impossible right? After all, you have so much of it and the world tells you it’s too difficult to remove… But what if it was possible… What if?

In the world we live in today of ever increasing ways to communicate and ever increasing numbers of people wanting to contact and touch us… Not to mention the eternal pressures to go out and create money to buy stuff, means we are all working more and more.

Usually both husbands and wives work, otherwise they could not have stuff… So stress builds up and this is just one of the many reasons why less and less people are getting married but the divorce rate does not go down… Which means of course that it is increasing…Stress is everywhere, and people make a fortune selling ways to control your stress or how to relieve stress… And of course medicine does its bit to give you pills to help you feel less stressed. You buy into this need to control stress… as obviously you can’t cure this demon…

Have you ever asked but why can’t it be cured…? Well of course it can but there is no money in the cure, there’s money in controlling stress… So what I’m offering is the cure as life is far too short to live life so stressed. And besides, there’s far more enjoyable ways for me to make money than by selling how to control stress. So I’ll just give you the cure instead.

Stress is not its own entity; it is not a disease but a dis-ease. Stress is just something we create ourselves in our minds. Yes, we are the creators of the nightmare we live in. In doing this we do not live well as we damage our own wellbeing. But stress is just a choice…

I know this may sound very easy but you can choose to not be stressed…. I can hear what you are saying, ‘No you can’t!’, ‘Don’t be stupid!’, ‘I wish!’ Or any other one of a thousand sentences… But the truth is you can, stress is a choice, stress is something you are choosing to do, because you are not choosing not to.

Nothing stands still and if you are not choosing to not be stressed, then you are choosing to be stressed in your lack of choice and presence. When you are present then you cannot be stressed, but that’s really for another time. What I’m going to share with you here is why you are stressed.

You are almost certainly stressed because you have chosen to do too much. Or you have had something happen which did not go your way. Or you are worried that something which is yet to happen will not go your way.

So you are creating your stress by allowing it to be there, you are allowing it to be there because you are not accepting what is.

There is magic in those 3 little words if you are willing to tell your ego to shut up talking for a second…

“Successful people are specialists at creating eustress (positive stress) that helps them achieve more in less time.”

You see, your ego likes you being stressed as it knows you are not present, and if you are not present then it has you trapped inside your mind either in the past or in the future…

But you are not here now. You are here now obviously as you are reading this 🙂 What I mean is when your stressed you are not here now, you are either in the future or in the past. Here now is the only place where you are free from stress. So if you want to be free of stress then there is a simple technique which you must apply to remain here now.

1. Accept what is
Whatever has happened, whatever you have brought into your life, and whatever you think you haven’t, have all happened. The past cannot be changed, so you just simply accept what is.

In doing this you are removing the strength of anything the past can do to you. The past can only harm you of course if you allow it to. If you do not allow it to then it can do you no harm at all. So accept what is, as it cannot be changed.

2. Surrender to whatever is going to happen
This is you accepting that whatever will happen will work out for the best for you… Even if it looks like it will be bad at the time. We’ve all had things happen which felt bad at the time and then turned out to be the best thing.

Well just accept that things will always work out for the best.

This doesn’t mean you cannot work diligently towards preventing what you don’t want to happen. It just means that if it does happen then you will accept it then. Until it does, you will do all you can to avoid it but you are just not emotionally attached to it. Attachment causes stress.

This way it enables you to surrender to it and it frees you from the stress you created.

3. Just be where you are
Live now, recognise that you are the creator of your stress, so simply decide that you will live now in this moment and do all you can to do all you are doing… However, you are just choosing to no longer be stressed by it.

When you notice stress building up in the future, all you have to do is simply notice it and remember you are allowing it to build up in your absence of presence.

This is the power of awareness. As you become aware, you gain control because you noticed that you are the creator of your stress. Then by accepting what is, you can master it and no longer allow stress into your life.

It will come in, we are busy after all, but just notice it, accept it is there and now needs to be let go of. There is nothing to control, you merely have to let go of it.

As you do this you will hear your mind fighting with you. Listen to the insanity of it wanting to find ways to get you to hang on to your stress…

These moments are precious, as you for the first time are getting to see the controller of your life and how it has manipulated you into thinking that you didn’t bring about your stress. And how it wasn’t your fault that you are now stressed.

But it is your fault, you were absent and so you allowed the controller of your mind to bring in something which made your life a lot harder… The secret to removing the stress, as well as the controller, is to accept what is and to start to notice its actions.

These are the cause of the nasty things in your life and it is bugs in your mind. But if you remember to apply those 3 magic words (accept what is) then you will be a lot less stressed for the rest of your life.

There are a lot of major bugs and thousands of minor little ones. In the A Bug Free Mind process, I give you the tools and techniques to remove the major ones and provide you with the techniques required to hunt out and remove all of the minor ones.

If stress is a big deal to you and you really (actually – in real life) want to be rid of this horror for good then I genuinely recommend you read my books “Creating and Using A Bug Free Mind.”

As despite what you’ve been told, stress, worry, anxiety, fear, depression, overwhelm etc are all dis-eases of the mind and can be cured without pills.

This is the reason I named my books ‘A Bug Free Mind’… no joke as I know jokes are not what you want to hear right now.

You see, you asked to be free of stress, anxiety, worry, fear… whatever ailment of the mind you feel trapped by, you asked to be free of it, and then your subconscious mind found its way here. I assure you, your subconscious mind has not let you down, as these ailments really can be cured without pain, without pills, and without endless visits to a shrink.To prove this to you I want to recommend that you right now stop what you are doing and go and read the first 5 chapters of my book “Creating A Bug Free Mind.”

When you do this you will discover a few tools which will INSTANTLY reduce the pressure and your life will change. I guarantee, your hopes will not be dashed and that you will find there exactly what I am promising.

My promise to you is – If I am lying please tell everyone, if I am not then please tell everyone you care about…

You can access the five chapters here: A Bug Free Mind Trial Offer

10 Thoughts that May be Stressing You Out

By Christy Matta, MA

Much of the strain and conflict that causes stress in relationships occurs when your wants are consistently side-lined by your internalized sense of how you should behave.
Are you stuck “doing the right thing” while sacrificing what you want? Often, we’re stressed out not because others are expecting things from us, but because we expect them from ourselves. These internal “shoulds” may have originated in external expectations, moral codes or rules that you internalized long ago that have now become pressures you place on yourself.
Do you relate to any of the following thoughts:
  1. “I should solve problems on my own (not doing so is weak, needy or means I’m inadequate)”
  2. “I shouldn’t make requests from other people (it’s selfish and self-centered)”
  3. “I should just deal with it.”
  4. “I should sacrifice my needs for others.”
  5. “I shouldn’t feel the way I do.”
  6. “I should change my attitude.”
  7. “I should have done better (at work, in a relationship, on a task)”
  8. “I can’t fail (failure would be disastrous)”
  9. “I can’t handle criticism.”
  10. “I should never need to be criticized (I should behave perfectly so that there is no need for criticism)”
When you carry around a heavy load of internal rules—”shoulds”– you become worn down and burdened by your own expectations.
Try picking one thought that you’re willing to let go.  Look over the list or identify a thought of your own that contributes to your feeling overburdened and overwhelmed.
With that thought in mind, try one or all of the following:
  • Notice the thought, when you have it, and imagine it drifting in and out of your thoughts, like a cloud drifts across the sky. You might watch the thought “I should sacrifice my needs to others” come into your mind, drift by and float out.  Don’t push the thought away or try to engage with it. Just notice it is there.
  • Think the thought, but change the word “should” to “could.”  If it’s a thought with the word “can’t” change it to “I feel sad, disappointed, anxious, when I.”  Notice if the word change has an impact on how you feel. For example, you might change “I should just deal with it” to “I could just deal with it.”  This subtle shift can increase the flexibility of your thoughts and expand your sense of having options.
  • Imagine doing the thing you “should not” do and in your image, imagine a positive outcome.  For example, if you tend to think “I should not need help,” you might imagine asking a neighbor for help.  Now imagine that while the neighbor helps, you begin chatting and end up developing a new friendship.
You can find more strategies to improve how you feel in my new book, The Stress Response and by clicking here to sign up for more of my tips and podcasts using DBT strategies to improve how you feel.
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Getting Over Stress The Fun Way


Are you looking for a fun way to reduce stress in your life? Try playing games!

Stress relief games are specially designed to provide that pleasurable escape which helps deal with stress. Playing games for the relief of stress does not have much research supporting it, but many people have seen that games help to reduce stress. It is also known that “brain teasers” and problem-solving games can improve memory and brain function in older people, even those with dementia.

There are many types of stress relief games, depending upon the taste and age of the person. They range from small games, activities, and exercises to challenging and “mind bending” games. Games are very similar in their approach to meditation or any other relaxation or stress relief method.

Stress relief games are divided into two categories – outdoors games and indoors games.

Outdoors games include tennis, football and many other physically demanding games. As an adult, physical games can offer the health and stress management benefits of exercise, and the group involvement can ensure that you’ll keep at it.

Indoors games can be Chess, Rubik’s Cube, darts, crossword puzzles, computer games, mobile phone games and many others. Mental stimulation distracts your thoughts from the stressful situations that you are dealing with, while at the same time it trains your brain to sharpen your problem solving skills.

The most widely popular indoors games are computer games, which can be online stress relief games (that you play in a web browser) and stress relief desktop games (that you download from the internet and play offline).

Puzzle-based games like Tetris (a long-time favorite of mine) or Bejeweled are good choices for a quick stress break. Other favorite choices are crossword puzzles, logic games and Sudoku.

But what about people who play stress relief games at work?

Studies show that happier workers also do better work (and more of it), so playing stress relief games would seem like the ultimate stress relief tool in your arsenal.

For everyone from deskbound office workers to managers in meetings, stress relief games prove to be a work productivity enhancer, especially if the stress is being caused by a difficult project. Winning a few games helps restore your confidence and puts you in a better frame of mind to tackle that project.

The best way to relieve stress is to play those stress relief games which are easy to win. These games can boost your self-esteem and improve your self-confidence. They make you feel successful and provide the feeling of relaxation – similar to squeezing stress relief balls.

Stress relief desktop games can take your troubles off your mind and keep your stress at bay for an hour or two a day! However, you have to be aware that some games are quite addictive, and you should avoid those if you don’t have too much free time.

You will find tons of free online games, which you can play right in your browser. All online games are FREE and you can play them online, so you never need to install any program on your personal computer at home or at work.

Just five to ten minutes playing games can be enough to reboot your mind and leave you calm, refreshed, and ready to get back to the task at hand. Go to for a great program

Exercise to Improve Your Mental Health


Nobody doubts the benefits of exercise for physical health.
What isn’t as widely known or discussed is how essential moderate exercise is to our mental well-being. I created an online survey which sought to find out what health strategies helped people who have experienced an episode of depression or anxiety to bounce back from setbacks. I took a holistic approach, and asked people to evaluate the effectiveness of strategies such as exercise, good rest, good nutrition, emotional support from family, friends, and support groups, fulfilling work, hobbies, charity work, as well as traditional approaches like psychological counseling and medication. In all, over 60 strategies were evaluated, and 4,080 respondents were asked to rate those they had tried. Exercise was in the top three.
Research shows that a 30-minute brisk walk (or equivalent) significantly improves your mood after 2, 4, 8, and 12 hours compared to those who don’t exercise (Mayo Clinic, 2008). Exercise also boosts energy, confidence, and sexual desirability (American Fitness, 19 (6), 32-36).
We can’t control the slings and arrows that come our way on a daily basis, but we can control our daily habits. Incorporating moderate exercise into our day can inoculate us from the prolonged effects of a setback.

Why Don’t People Exercise?

People usually give two main reasons for failing to exercise:
  • I don’t feel like it. (This is particularly applicable to people who are discouraged or depressed.)
  • I don’t have the time. (Our relentless 24/7 life usually means there are a thousand things to say “yes” to. An essential element of a thriving life is saying “no” to the trivial many, so that you can say “yes” to the vital few. Exercise is definitely in the latter category.)

Principles to Make Exercise Central to Your Life

Find something you enjoy. To sustain regular exercise, it is important to do something that you find pleasant. The traffic in gyms is 30 to 50 percent higher in January than other times of the year, as people are suddenly inspired to get fit and lose weight. By March, they have returned to normal levels. It’s not wise to sign up for a gym if you hate them!
I like walking because it allows me to get out in nature, it’s free, and you can do it anyplace and anytime. Some people keep a walking journal so that they can write down the new things they see, hear, and smell each day. This keeps you present. If you prefer swimming, dancing, cycling, boot camps, or hiring a personal trainer, then do that. To experience the mood enhancement qualities of exercise it is recommended to do 30 minutes, 6 days per week. Although people with depression often don’t feel like exercising, it is important to go against that inclination.
Have modest goals. Many people believe that to get the benefits of exercise you have to spend two hours in the gym or run a marathon. As highlighted above, this is simply not true. If you have been doing no exercise, start with 15 minutes per day. If you are catatonic and spending all day in bed, just getting out to the mailbox each day is a good start that you can build on. Build activity gradually.
Introduce rituals. Changing behavior requires more than intention. To make it stick, it is essential to introduce daily rituals that prompt the behavior. For example, rituals could include:
  • Laying out clothes each night when you go to bed so that when you wake up you can dress without thinking and get on with your day.
  • As you brush your teeth each morning, put on a pedometer. When you brush at night, take it off and record the steps taken.
  • Set a regular time to walk with a friend or work colleagues. Consider walking meetings.
  • Consider using a free smartphone app like FitnessPal, which allows you to monitor your exercise and your calorie consumption.
It’s never too late to start.
Graeme Cowan is the author of BACK FROM THE BRINK TOO: Helping your loved one overcome depression, which was SANE Australia’s 2009 Book of the Year. He went through a five-year episode of depression which his psychiatrist described as the worst he had ever treated. He now speaks and consults about how to inspire the discouraged to bounce back and thrive. Over 40 free resources can be found at

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