It doesn’t take a lot of light to wipe out darkness

by Timothy Kendrick

I read this in a book and I believe it is powerful. Most ideas I have are from books or talking to (successful) people.

Creating our own opinions and deciding for ourselves what works in our lives and what does not.

Our conscious minds, if we allow can be bombarded with a ton of worthless garbage that does not enhance our personal, spiritual or professional states.
Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do”.

So if we continually watch, listen to, or participate in the daily dose of “BREAKING NEWS” that “sells”, this contaminates our minds.

There is nothing wrong about staying informed on what is going on in the world. Keep in mind that News is a business and it must sell. What sells? Tragedy baby!!!

Having breaking news about the miracle of the sun rising again today doesn’t cut it. It is taken for granted. Or a new baby being born today meaning to me that this is God’s way of saying he hasn’t given up on the human race just yet. “Human Race”, where are we all racing too? THE GRAVE.

When you find happiness in a smile that is success.

You will average 25,500 days in your life. Enjoy the day no matter what happens.
When I was in Africa with the government there was a “dog and pony show” where we went to an orphanage and we were going to show all the great work “we” were doing. I had been on enough of these that I was not thrilled at escorting some diplomats through more lies.
Before the “dignitaries” arrived we got the quick tour and were told not to go in this one room because the children there were terminally ill. You guessed it, I went in the room and there were all these little kids lying down on the floor on these crappy little mats. Everyone else went on to “smooze” and I just lay down in the middle of the floor with all of these sick kids, none of them older than 6 or 7 and there must have been about 30 or so of them.

They smiled at me and I smiled back. They were perplexed because this was “a forbidden room” for anyone. More than a couple of them crawled up to me and put their little heads on me, Hell I don’t think they ever saw a Caucasian before. So as everyone was at another building with the “dog and pony” show I had more than a moment of bliss with these sick kids (actually I fell asleep with them).

There lives were almost over but their memory would touch me forever.

It doesn’t take a lot of light to wipe out darkness now does it?

Rejuvenate Yourself With Meditation

Meditation is more often associated with states of deep relaxation,
but it can also be an effective way to rejuvenate yourself and
boost your energy. Fatigue and sluggishness often result from a
constant flow of negative, chaotic and stressful thoughts through
our minds. We may not even be aware when these types of thoughts
begin taking over our focus – we just know we suddenly feel like
we’ve got a thousand-pound weight sitting on our shoulders and we
have no energy to attend to our normal activities.

The following steps will walk you through a simple process for
releasing negative thoughts and boosting your energy through

1) First, purge the negative stuff.

There are a couple of ways to do this. You can either write out
your dominant thoughts on a sheet of paper and tear it up, or
simply close your eyes and imagine the top of your head opening up
(or your chest is good too) and all negative thoughts flying out
and disappearing. Spend as long as you like on this step of the
process, but for most people a few minutes should be plenty.

2) Shift to more positive thoughts.

Once you’ve allowed the negative thoughts to leave your mind, it’s
a good idea to consciously work on adopting more positive thoughts
– otherwise, negative thoughts will just come creeping back in.

Here are a few ways you can do this:

First, think of something or someone that makes you feel happy.
Think of your spouse, children, best friend, beloved parents – even
your pet. Go over the reasons you love them in your mind, or recall
a funny story that makes you feel uplifted. Allow yourself to feel
the good feelings as much as possible and if any unwanted feelings
come up, then just notice them and let them go.

Another option is to engage in some positive self-talk and build
yourself up with encouraging words – in other words, could you give
yourself some approval? (Of course you can!) One unfortunate side
effect of negative, chaotic thinking is that we’re usually picking
on our self without even realizing it, which makes us feel even
worse. Turn that tendency around by mentally or verbally listing
the things you love about yourself (or the things you COULD love
about yourself). Think about your skills, talents, achievements,
positive characteristics, and so on. Feel good about yourself and
you’ll find yourself feeling good about everything else too!

If neither of those options work for you, think about what does
make you feel good. Spend a few minutes thinking about something
that makes you feel happy or excited. It doesn’t matter what you
focus on, as long as it shifts you into a positive state of mind
and emotion.

3) Give yourself a boost.

Those first two steps alone will go a long way in reducing fatigue
and irritability, but you can take it a step further by generating
some great energy to rejuvenate yourself. If possible, stand up and
slowly stretch your entire body. Reach as high as you can toward
the ceiling and imagine your legs stretching down with your feet
planted firmly on the floor. Imagine a current of energy running up
from the earth into your feet, up your legs and buzzing through
your entire body. See this energy burning off any lingering fatigue
and feel yourself filling with limitless energy and motivation.
Smile and say aloud, “I feel fantastic!” Take a few deep breaths to
clear your mind and ground yourself, then continue on with your
normal activities.

These steps are incredibly helpful in a pinch, but they can be even
more effective if you do them on a daily basis. Start each morning
with this type of activity and you’ll quickly find that you have an
abundance of energy to carry you through the day.

Meditation can be challenging for many people – zen monks spend
years in solitude to master the skill! That’s why I know you’ll
love our Deep Zen Meditation program.  Used regularly you can
experience a profound shift in peace, happiness, and focus.  Why
not try it risk-free for the next 56-days and see for yourself?
Meditation can have a profound impact on your life if you practice
it regularly.