Is it possible to hypnotize a person without them knowing?

Covert Hypnosis

One of the most common questions that I’m asked is…

“Can you hypnotize a person to do something without them knowing?”

Well, the short answer to this is YES. But it’s a little different to ‘normal’ hypnosis.

During normal hypnosis you hypnotize the person first, then you give them suggestions. The induction is very obvious and the person definitely knows what you’re doing.

With ‘Covert’ Hypnosis it’s a little different…

When you use covert hypnosis you don’t need to hypnotize the person, because you use sneaky language patterns that bypass the conscious mind and go directly into your unconscious, where they are readily accepted and followed.

You can use these sneaky language patterns in a completely normal conversation to make a person do what you want… Such as giving you a free upgrade to first class, or a huge discount on your bill. Here are a few examples:  Also go to


What Is Covert Hypnosis Exactly?

The Art of Covert Hypnosis

You may be familiar with the hypnosis you see on TV or at stage shows. You know the kind, the kind where a hypnotist is able to have people sit in a chair and then supposedly turn them into chickens, and things like that.

You may often ask yourself “Is that real, or is the hypnotist just using actors?”. The answer is of course, that yes, it is very real, however you may be surprised to know that there is a much more advanced form of hypnosis than that, a kind of hypnosis that can be used in your day to day life on people without them being aware of it. And this field is known as “covert hypnosis”.

It makes sense, if a hypnotist can hypnotize people at a stage show, then surely he’d be able to do it off the stage as well, when people aren’t aware of it? The answer is of course that yes, a trained hypnotist can do just that. You see, entertainment hypnosis is the only form of hypnosis that you’re exposed to. Covert hypnosis, because its discreet, is a type of hypnosis you will never heard about, nor will you see it on TV. Covert hypnosis is of course, by its very nature… covert.

It’s the type of hypnosis that politicians, faith healers, mentalists, illusionists, even psychics use in order to hypnotize many people into doing things, or thinking certain things. Covert hypnosis is used by professionals each and every day to make people fall in love, to bring them into false belief systems, to make them part with their money, and many other powerful things.

The powers of covert hypnosis are practically endless, and once this field is mastered, many things become possible. But how does it work exactly? Covert hypnosis works by influencing a person’s subconscious outside of the person’s conscious awareness.

Whenever we’re consciously aware of a suggestion, we cannot be hypnotized by it. This is because our consciousness contains a critical part to it, which constantly analyzes everything that passes through it.

If our conscious were to come across any information, or suggestion that it didn’t agree with, then it would immediately reject it. For example, if I told you right now “you will raise your right hand”, you most likely wouldn’t, since I’m giving your consciousness an instruction. If however I plant subtle suggestions within your mind, and then trigger these suggestions subconsciously, without you being consciously aware of it, then it becomes quite possible for me to make you raise your right hand.

As you can see, by its very nature, covert hypnosis isn’t obvious. The only real way to tell if someone is using covert hypnosis on you is to learn the field yourself.