Subliminal Messaging or Positive Affirmations?

subliminal messaging

Subliminal Messaging or Positive Affirmations? Subliminal messaging is being used increasingly more firstly because it provides excellent benefits, and also due to its practically effortless way it works. Just about all you need to do is play the album in the background and the subliminal phrases will pass straight into your unconscious mind without your awareness. All subliminal audio fundamentally is positive affirmations. Only that they’re recorded to an audio track and shifted to a greater frequency. You will not know about it. But, the messages will get into your mind naturally and begin making changes to your subconscious self-beliefs and patterns of thinking.


No more standing in front of a mirror every day and night

This quite simply means that rather than standing in front of the mirror for ten minutes each morning and then yet again at night time saying your affirmations. You can use subliminal messaging instead. The results are going to be comparable, only with the extra advantage that you can play the album without anyone’s knowledge and let the affirmations to naturally flow straight into your unconscious mind while you carry out other tasks – while you are working, studying, and even while you’re at the gym.


You still must take positive action

This is not to say that using subliminal messages are going to be completely effortless in themselves. You still have to take some positive action towards your ambitions. However, they will be cutting edge, raise your drive and willpower, as well as making you more prone to be successful. This kind of transformation is not instantaneous but usually happens within several days to a few weeks. You will notice mild changes in your thoughts. Next, you’ll see a genuine difference in your personal beliefs and patterns of thinking.

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Just like positive affirmations they can be used to help you develop in just about any personal development area. From losing weight to improving your self-confidence, and even to help your performance in physical activities. Look for some new things here.

Subliminal messages will not be a miracle substitute. Nevertheless, they basically produce a similar result – without the need to continue rehearsing the affirmations yourself, give it a try yourself and experience the benefits first hand.

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