Start Running and Stick With It

Start Running and Stick With It. So how do you start running in a way that makes you want to stick with it? First, make sure that you have good running shoes. Choose a pair that will help to make running easier on your joints. This creates less impact and returns more energy from the pavement to allow you to run further and faster. Runners Gear website is a great place to start.

Start Running and Stick With It
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Another tip is not to start out like a jack rabbit during hunting season. Too many people go on their first run with the aim of burning lots of calories and advancing their fitness. They think the only way to do that is to run at a faster speed.

Another huge benefit is that running at a steady pace will improve the strength of your left ventricle. This is the the part of your heart responsible for pumping oxygenate blood around your body. This ultimately means you can actually improve your resting heart-rate, which means that you’ll have a lower heart-rate when you’re sleeping and resting. Thus leading to a more therapeutic nights rest.

Instead, try running at a gentle pace to begin with and then slowly increase your effort as you get used to it. Your aim to start with is not to get fitter, it is to learn to enjoy running. When you take this approach, you’ll have a much better chance of sticking with it. You”ll find that after just a few runs, you start to notice some real improvements. Wear a running watch with a heart monitor to really see those benefits!

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If running is totally not your thing. Or you’ve tried it and hate it, there is always bicycling. You can achieve a great cardio workout by bicycling among many other health benefits. The most important thing is to move.

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