Six Core Success Rituals To Change Your Life

Six Core Success Rituals To Change Your Life

Six Core Success Rituals To Change Your Life. Each area is important to create balance in your life. If you ignore one of the six core areas of success, then, you will not be able to function at your best. You will have a sense of lacking in your life and might even waste your time trying to fill the void with the wrong things.

The six core areas of success are listed below:

1. Physical Health – The emphasis can never be too much on how important it is to ensure you do all that is possible to sustain your physical health. It is quite logical that one of two things will occur if you do not maintain your physical health. It is either that you will have to spend your fortune on medications and doctors or you will be snatched to an early death due to some form of health issue. Exercise, eat healthily, get adequate sleep, and drink a lot of water can assist in keeping you healthy.

2. Emotions – Your emotions affect your mind. If you are mentally unhealthy or unstable, then you cannot make objective decisions. A decision that is made when someone is emotionally unstable can wreak havoc on your life and has the potential to become very drastic, which we have all either heard, read or experienced personally.

All six core areas of success are correlated. Take for example, if something happens to trigger your emotions in a negative way – you are feeling sad, or you might be angry – you can always exercise to calm yourself down. It is not only your negative emotions that you need to learn to control because if you are too excited or happy, but you can also make the wrong decision. For example, if you are overzealous you might spend money on things which you do not need, and that money could have been invested in something that will increase your income. Life is about creating the right balance in everything you do.

3. Relationships – Your relationships can affect your health and your emotions. A toxic relationship will leave you with feelings of despair and anger. Unhappiness and rage can lead to depression. Depression will affect your progress, either by you losing time to work or by you making decisions, which will ultimately result in failure.

The benefit of good relationships will create a heaven for you on earth. The world in your eyes is at peace because your heart is full of love, and your mind will have its cover made from thoughts of joy. You will function better. You will be more eager to get up in the mornings because you are grateful for another day to be with the ones you love.

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Examine your relationships, and see how they are impacting your life. If being around someone makes you feel burdened, or you feel as if that person is pulling all your hope, and joy out of you, then that is a toxic connection. You need to disconnect from that person. Relationships that motivate you to become better or the ones that help your ideas sparkle are what you need in your life.

4. Career or Business – Observing the attitude people display at their place of work can always tell who loves their job from those who do not. If you are not in the job or business which makes you feel that this is what you were born to do, then you might be in the wrong field. Your career or business must leave you feeling fulfill no matter the obstacles you face daily. The belief that the world could not exist without you doing that business or career finds its resting place in your mind and heart. When in the right field, it will be easier to keep focus, and because of the passion you have for your career or business, failure cannot convince you to quit.

5. Finances – “Money isn’t the most important thing in life, but it’s reasonably close to oxygen on the “gotta have it” scale.” –Zig Ziglar
Wealthy and happy is all of us heart’s desire. However, if you want to be wealthy, it might take years of hard work to become rich, but it only takes a minute with a bad investment, which will result in you losing all your money. If you do not have money, it might make you unhappy because you cannot buy the things you need to support yourself or your family. Not having money can also prevent you from investing in your career or business.

However, you can have money and still not be happy, because there is unbalance in one of the other five core areas of success. Never spend money on things just because you want to impress others. That is definitely not a ritual of successful individuals. The wealthiest people live humble lives.

For example, Bill Gates has topped various billionaire lists for years. He can afford his own private jet. Bill Gates is known to comfortably sit in the economy class on airplanes when he is traveling. Warren Buffet, with all his billions, is very much content in his home, which he bought for less than forty thousand dollars many years ago. He also still makes his billion-dollar transaction discussion on his flip phone, which he has not replaced for any of the high-tech cellular phones that are available today.

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They give back a portion of their wealth to various charitable organizations. Sometimes it is a charity that they have started or one that is already in operation. Even after death, the richest individuals are sharing their fortune. A lot of affluent individuals are willing their fortune to charities. Melinda Gates and Bill Gates have a grant-making foundation where they give away billions to different charities around the world. They have also encouraged other billionaires to donate some of their fortunes to the less fortunate.

You must also adopt this principle of giving back to the less fortunate. Just as how you will start practicing the other success rituals, this is one habit you must also develop. Allocate whatever you can afford to charity now, and as your wealth increases, then, you increase the portion for charity as well.

6. Spirituality – No matter what your religious preference may be, spirituality is an important aspect of success. It can be found all around you, from the time you spend in nature, to meditation, to your religious practices. Spirituality has the ability to ground you and keep you close to both your own personal feelings and help you work through anxiety and emotion which will enable you to make sound and important judgments. Choose a spiritual ritual for yourself and stick with it each and every day.

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