Self Esteem Without Competence Equals Failure

Self Esteem Without Competence Equals Failure. For the longest time, in the United States and elsewhere, educational policy makers bought into the idea of self esteem. Please understand that self esteem is a good thing. Nobody’s disputing that. However, according to this educational philosophy, for students to perform well in life, they need to have their self esteem built up and encouraged early on. Thus providing a false sense of self confidence.

Self Esteem Without Competence Equals Failure
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Are affirmation the answer?

Again, just like the observation that self esteem is a good thing, this seems pretty good on the surface. What’s there to argue about. The problem is building your self esteem based on affirmations. And being made to feel good about who you are without any accomplishments. This is in no way helpful.
You are building your house on sand. This is precisely what happened with generations of youth fed on the steady diet of self esteem stimulation. That’s really what it is. You just stimulated the formation of self esteem. Not through actual achievements, accomplishments, sacrifice, hard work and other traditional indicators of success.
Today it seems people get self esteem by being respected for just showing up. That’s it. That’s all you need to do. You just need to show up and you get a prize for participation. According to this school of thought, your feelings are paramount.

It’s imperative that you do more than just show up

If only things worked that way. Sadly, a lot of people who base their self-esteem on the fact that they just showed up know deep down inside that their confidence is hollow. They know that this is not the way real life works. They know that the world may have some rude surprises waiting for them. No wonder, many people with supreme self-esteem are very frustrated and confused.
Also as long as you’re feeling okay about yourself, then there’s really not much difference between what you think and what everybody else thinks. Furthermore you are entitled to your evaluation of yourself, the rightness of your action, so on and so forth.
What this created is self esteem that produced a very hollow self confidence. People definitely can feel that they can do stuff, but they can only do it in theory. When they’re actually given challenges to produce and deliver results, most people, fall apart like a house of cards.

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How NOT to give up

Self Esteem Without Competence Equals Failure. If you’re having a tough time in any area of your life or you feel you’re frustrated it’s because of this. Sure, you feel good about yourself and it seems like you have a high estimate of your ability to get things done.
Unfortunately, unless and until that high estimation is based on actual experience and results, you’re just wasting your time. It’s probably going to be very hard for you to overcome challenges, and have a sense of true confidence. It’s very tempting for you to just quit the moment you’re confronted with any difficulty.

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