Need To Break A Bad Habit? Get Angry

I know what I said in the subject line might
seem strange.

After all, anger is a habit a lot of us are
trying to break! So what in the world am I doing
tell you to get angry?

Let me give you an example.

Several years ago I had a bad habit: using credit
cards and borrowing money when I should have
faced the reality of my situation and focused on
building income instead.

I was in despair over this habit and over the
lack of money in my life.

That fear and despair was paralysing.

It held me back and I think this is a common
symptom of a bad habit. You get frozen by

Then, one day, I read a book about personal
finance and it occurred to me that I could truly
fix my situation. Switching off the credit cards
and becoming debt-free was actually possible.

Instead of being afraid I became angry at my

Note: I did NOT direct my anger at myself or at
other people.

I was angry at the situation. That anger created
the force necessary to make me take action, call
a financial counsellor, and start facing my problem.

In the book Way of the Peaceful Warrior the
character Socrates says, “Anger is a powerful
tool to transform old habits and replace them
with new ones.”

Read that quote carefully. It contains much

Focus your anger like a laser beam on your habit.

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