Moving From Pain to Pleasure

moving from pain to pleasure

Our whole life is about moving from pain to pleasure. Pain continues to be leverage for me to this day. Even in my subconscious as a being in this universe it directs me to pleasure.

For me, when it hurt bad enough I took massive action to move through it. If the action did not work, I took another route until I found the solution that kept me in a positive emotional state so I could “function”.

When I would say “I am depressed” or “I am sad” I continued to reaffirm my feelings with these statements. My subconscious mind would say “okay, he’s depressed, and he wants to keep it that way” Then I thought about it. I looked at all of my actions in this “depressed state”. Jeez, I had to slump over, I had to breathe shallow, I had to do all of these things with my body to stay in that miserable state.

So I then began to change my Physiology (the way I moved my body), the way I breathed. I tricked my subconscious by good memory management. I thought of a time when I felt great and I relived that moment over and over. I acted my way into right thinking by changing my state with this small exercise. Therefore alleviating pain.

I stay away from affirmations that say “I am wealthy” “I am at peace” etc; because this creates conflict with my subconscious. Instead I just say “wealth” and “Peace” and my subconscious is not at a battle with it being labeled with the “I am’s”
Words are powerful, and thoughts become things.

Wishing you happiness, joy, laughter and prosperity in all that you do

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Timothy Kendrick
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