Taking Control of Meditation in the Hypnagogic State

The real power of meditation is the ability to take control and make sense of our meditation experience.

Our power to control our meditation is in the  Hypnagogic state between being awake and sleep.

A person experiencing a hypnagogic hallucination feels a physical sensation, like they’re falling or weightlessness. 

Enter a Deep Meditative State

Creating your own reality in the hypnagogic state starts with brainwave control. Hypnagogic meditation involves maintaining the balance between the sleep and dream state while remaining conscious that you are in a meditative state.

Many experiences can be explored In the hypnogogic state. You may decide to solve a problem, return to a pleasant place from the past or follow a fantasy.

The Key

First, go into a state of deep meditation. Remain cognizant that you are in a meditative state. The key is to reach a deep meditative state for at least 10 minutes before entering the hypnagogic or lucid dreaming state.

Brainwave entrainment techniques such as binaural beats or isochronic tones for alpha meditation can help you gain brainwave control and achieve a state of deep meditation. Find some of these at “Brain Evolution”

Activate Your Dream Meditation/ Dream State

Imagine a scene and start to bring it to life. It may be you are stressed out at work and can hardly wait to escape to your cottage at the end of the week.

Take yourself to your cottage. What do you see? hear? smell? Are you even more adventurous?

It may be that you are fascinated with medieval castles and want to visit one.

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Take yourself there – stare down the alligators as you cross the moat. If you have a fear you want to overcome, ask to face it head on in this virtual world.  Explore the experiences and triggers that are associated with this fear.

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