Light Wipes Out Darkness; Find Happiness In A Smile

Light Wipes Out Darkness; Find Happiness In A Smile. Creating our own opinions and deciding for ourselves what works in our lives and what does not.

Light Wipes Out Darkness

Image by Myriam Zilles from Pixabay

Our conscious minds, if we allow can be bombarded with a ton of worthless garbage. This does not enhance our personal, spiritual or professional states.
Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do”.

So if we continually watch, listen to, or participate in the daily dose of “BREAKING NEWS” that “sells”, this contaminates our minds.

What sells?

There is nothing wrong about staying informed on what is going on in the world. Keep in mind that News is a business and it must sell. What sells? Tragedy baby!!!

Having breaking news about the miracle of the sun rising again today doesn’t cut it. It is taken for granted. Or a new baby being born today. Meaning to me this is God’s way of saying he hasn’t given up on the human race just yet. “Human Race”, where are we all racing too? THE GRAVE.

When you find happiness in a smile that is success.

You will average 25,500 days in your life. Enjoy the day no matter what happens.
When I was in Africa with the government there was a “dog and pony show” where we went to an orphanage and we were going to show all the great work “we” were doing. I had been on enough of these that I was not thrilled at escorting some diplomats through more lies.

Before the “dignitaries” arrived we got the quick tour and were told not to go in this one room because the children there were terminally ill. You guessed it, I went in the room and there were all these little kids lying down on the floor on these crappy little mats. Everyone else went on to “smooze” and I just lay down in the middle of the floor with all of these sick kids, none of them older than 6 or 7 and there must have been about 30 or so of them.

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They smiled at me and I smiled back. They were perplexed because this was “a forbidden room” for anyone. More than a couple of them crawled up to me and put their little heads on me. Hell, I don’t think they ever saw a Caucasian before. So as everyone was at another building with the “dog and pony” show I had more than a moment of bliss with these sick kids (actually I fell asleep with them).

There lives were almost over but their memory would touch me forever.

It doesn’t take a lot of light to wipe out darkness now does it?

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