How To Get Visible Abs, Body Weight Exercises

How To Get Visible Abs With Body-Weight Exercises. Done properly they hurt. They’re brutal.

Don’t believe me? Ask yourself, why do the military and Special Forces rely on bodyweight conditioning to knock recruits into shape?

How To Get Visible Abs
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Just think about it.

In real life combat situations muscles aren’t isolated… you use your whole body to run, duck, cover and get yourself into life-saving, combat-ready positions.

At the heart of military-style conditioning is the need for a high strength-to-weight ratio. This is developed through mastering the core body weight moves, including squats, pull ups and push ups.

Going back to basics isn’t a step backwards.

It’s proof you’re a master at full body conditioning.

Now, about those abs

Getting visible abs is mainly about diet with the aim being to reduce your body fat percentage to sub 10% thus making the six pack visible underneath. This is aided though by CV and once you start doing kettlebell swings and press ups for reps of 100, this will be quite a cardio-intensive routine.

The other thing people forget though is their transverse abdominis. This is the band of muscle around your mid-section that acts to hold in your stomach and internal organs, as well as to support your lower spine during lifts. Crucially, this is what makes your abs flat and that in turn is what makes them look good.

Press ups require you to keep your whole body rigid and this is the perfect way to ensure you are strengthening the transverse abdominis. So do the workout regularly and with intensity and you should start to find your abs show. Hopefully that will offer some motivation to some readers! Below you’ll find one of the best videos I’ve found so you too can have visible abs.

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