How To Access The Super Conscious Mind

The “Super Conscious Mind”. Whether you believe past lives are actual events that happened to another “you” before you became who you are now, or just a metaphor to describe complicated psychological issues.

How To Access The Super Conscious Mind
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It can be incredibly useful to tap into these past lives. They can be an enormous resource that can give you incredible guidance when going through problems today.

Super Conscious Mind

Many believe in something called the “Super Conscious Mind.” This is the collection of all intelligence that exists, has existed, or will exist in the universe. It exists outside the boundaries of time or space. It is accessible to everyone through the subconscious mind. If there is any information regarding your past lives that you’d like to have access to, you can easily become aware of it through the power of your subconscious.

This will require a bit more focus than normal subconscious mind work, where you are programming yourself for a goal or some other behavior. Getting in touch with the super conscious requires a bit more patience, but it is well worth it.


With normal subconscious mind programming, you get into a relaxed, lazy state, and begin to repeat your affirmations with feeling and expectation. With enough repetition and consistency, your subconscious will take on these ideas as true, and they will manifest themselves as if by magic. In reality your subconscious has handled everything, and there were simply outside of your conscious awareness.

With the super conscious, you’ll need to establish communication. This is slightly different from regular, subconscious mind programming. With programming, you construct specific images of what you’d like to achieve. When communing with the super conscious, you’ll need to get into that relaxed, sleepy state, but instead of creating the images on your own, you’ll need to completely relax your mind, and pay attention to, and follow the images that present themselves.

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Follow The Images

When you do this, you’ll need to keep a couple things in mind. First, it’s important to simply follow the images, and not interject any emotions, such as fear or anxiety, or even hope. This will alter the images. Images you receive from the super conscious are extremely fragile, and can easily be disrupted.

Another thing to keep in mind is that sometimes the images that will come to you may be a bit hard to decipher. However, once you get into the practice of doing this, and gain some experience, you will develop an incredibly powerful intuition. Being able to make sense of he pictures will become much simpler.

Find A Quiet Place

The best way to do this is to find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Get into a relaxed, sleepy state. Clear your mind of any thoughts about the past, the future, and even the present. Affirm a few statements about being open and accepting of whatever the super conscious has to offer. Then think of a question regarding your past lives, or an intention of what you’d like to know from one of your past lives.

Then simply keep your mind as quiet as possible, and let the images come. It can be extremely helpful to either do this with a partner, or have a voice recorder handy. As the images come, describe them out loud, as objectively as possible. That way you won’t throw yourself off track by trying to interpret them on the fly. Later, after you’ve received several images, you can go over them with your partner, or play back your recording.

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Get ready to be absolutely astonished with the massive insight you’ll receive from this simple exercise.

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