Having a Meaningful Conversation

Having a meaningful conversation is a unique and valuable skill to have. Not all people have this skill and often find them in a situation where they don t know how to start a conversation and how to communicate in a meaningful manner. The meaningful conversation has some basic traits which one has to keep in mind to be happy, successful, and more productive. It is an art where speaking as well as listening both are of equal importance. These two skills are key to meaningful conversation.

meaningful conversation
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You will not reach to any conclusion as far as you have it in person. Sending email or text may seem enough to convey your words, but the other person may not aware of the expressions and tone you have. To have a meaningful conversation, it is essential to have it face to face. You cannot express fully on a call or through email or text messages. The value verbal words carry is by no means equal to the nonverbal words.


Listening is very important for meaningful conversation. You need to understand what the other person wants to say or what the main theme of the conversation is. Stay calm and focus on the words of the other person. Make the other person realize that you are listening.

A positive response is also important for meaningful conversation. If you have paid attention to the other person carefully, definitely you will be in a good position to give him a positive response. Always think twice before you speak. Remember you need to be on track while talking; always keep you on the level of the other person for good positive conversation. Never show any kind of grudge or discrimination.

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Watch Out For Distractions

Meaningful conversation is not possible until or unless you find yourself at a place free from all distractions. Distractions spoil the beauty of conversation. You cannot focus on the message of the speaker nor can the speaker. It is hard to communicate in malls, crowded buses, or any other public areas. For meaningful conversation, it is necessary to find a calm place where you both are able to pay attention to each other’s message.

Whatever the point of discussion is, you have to be calm and cool for any kind of response. Feedback can be harsh or negative. You have to keep your nerves and face it open-heartedly. Many times, people disagree with your point, listen to their remarks, and arrange your response accordingly but in a positive way.

Honest without being blunt is the large step in having your conversation meaningful. Honesty is always necessary in almost every aspect of life. Be honest in your conversation too. Control your thoughts and never be too open with your thoughts with every next person. You have to assign limits for you and have to talk within that limits with a particular person. Being open with your thoughts may sometime leave you vulnerable.

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