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Get The Hypnosis Edge With Free Downloads. Hypnosis turns explicit conscious instructions into implicit unconscious actions. When that happens the new knowledge or skill becomes part of who you are. Hypnosis can help this happen quickly.

And when we think about it, emotional skills such as determination, self belief and courage can also be learned during hypnotic trance, nature’s greatest learning tool. People can consciously try to feel positively (then feel guilty if they don’t) or learn to naturally be positive when they really need to.

The joy of deep down positivity

Have you ever heard someone faced with adversity say, “I suppose I should try to put a positive spin on things. It could be worse, I guess. I’ll try to focus on others who have it worse than me.”

That’s explicit positivity, trying to be positive by applying a set of principles, trying to drive by thinking about every step – foot off the clutch, foot on the accelerator, release the handbrake. How effective do you think that is?

Compare that to someone who is implicitly positive – perhaps that’s their natural state, or they have worked on developing that attitude through hypnosis. They get the hypnosis edge.

When faced with adversity, they don’t have to go through the checklist, consciously apply principles, work hard to get the sequence of thoughts right – that happens naturally. It’s implicit.

The person with this implicit positivity has positive expectations. They have confidence that they can work through the situations that currently face them. They don’t have to implement a checklist; it runs automatically and subconsciously.

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