Energy Foods To Boost Your Brain Power

Energy foods benefit the brain as well as the body. They provide glucose and micronutrients, such as thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin C and iron, to maximize our mental performance. Also to help us cope for better under pressure. They enhance the carbohydrate-protein balance in our diet to make us calmer and more alert, and improve the quality of our sleep. They also reduce our reaction to common causes of food intolerance and make us less prone to depression, headaches, and general tiredness. Here are six sample ways to boost your brain power.

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Kick-start vitality :

Eat a good breakfast to avoid low blood sugar in the late morning, and to sharp your memory and mental clarity.

Snack often :

Boost your vitality mid-morning and mid-afternoon with a quick-fix snack or drink. These will help to keep you alert right up until the end of the day.

Eat regularly :

Keep regular meal times and do not skip meals. Research shows that eating several small meals per day helps the brain to work more efficiently than having one or two big meals.

Oil the cogs :

Ensure your body gets a rich supply of essential fatty acids by including salads, green leafy vegetables and some safflower and sunflower oil in your diet. Low in saturated animal fats, energy foods are high in plant polyunsaturates, which keep our brain cells in peak condition.

Power sleep :

Take a power nap after your midday meal. Brain efficiency naturally drops after lunch, and the short time it takes to recharge your batteries will more than repay itself in extra mental energy later in the day.

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Pump iron :

Eat more wholegrain cereals, pulses and green vegetables to boost your iron intake. Drink a glass of vitamin C-rich fresh fruit juice each day to maximize iron absorption.

A healthy mind has to be supported by a healthy body, and a healthy body has to be supported by proper diet and proper remedies. And the best way to achieve all the objectives is to go the natural way.

In fact, you can use some easily available spices and ingredients in your kitchen to achieve the objectives.

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