Energize, Motivate, Stimulate Your Mind And Body

Energize, Motivate, Stimulate Your Mind And Body. Feeling tired or rundown? Cloudy outside? Is it cold? I’m feeling it right now. Sitting at my desk in Florida, it’s 57 degrees and cloudy. YUCK! (I’m used to 75 and sunny). From previous days like this, I’ve found some solutions for Energizing my mind and body. Sometimes it is more than “Acting Your Way Into Right Thinking”.

Energize, Motivate, Stimulate your mind and body
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So what are the ways to energize, motivate and stimulate your mind and body? Below I’ve made a list that will help you. I hope it assist you as much as it’s helped me. Because we all know that outer conditions shouldn’t affect our inner world right? Well Not always.

Splash Some Cold Water on Your Face

If you splash some cold water on your face, it will have the reaction of causing blood to rush to your face and head (thus oxygenating your brain). This will simultaneously giving you more adrenaline and norepinephrine – which are released whenever we get cold. This is a great way to energize, motivate and stimulate. And it’s something you can do any time, just excuse yourself to the bathroom!

Jump Up and Down

This one may sound a bit goofy, but it actually works. Physical exercise is a great way to wake yourself up because it gets the heart pumping and blood flowing. This doesn’t have to mean that you’re doing a full-blown workout though. Just jumping up and down or doing some press ups is enough. You will find this can instantly give you a burst of energy.

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Power Pose!

A lot of tiredness is psychosomatic. In other words this is a combination of both psychological and physical factors. If you are slumped with your shoulders down and arms hanging, you are going to feel even more tired. Stand with your arms up and out in a ‘V’ shape on the other hand and you’ll enjoy a surge in energy. This is a ‘power position’ and it’s a proven way to release more testosterone. Crazy, I Know, but it seems to work.

Likewise, if you’re feeling down, try smiling! ‘Facial feedback’ is a psychological phenomenon that tells us you only have to smile to put yourself in a good mood. Even if it’s a fake smile, it works! This falls under “Acting Your Way Into Right Thinking”. And,believe it or not this will Energize, Motivate, Stimulate Your Mind And Body.

Go Outside

I ride my bike everyday. Well, today was no different, okay a bit different. I went about a quarter of a mile and came back home. It was just to damn cold for me. But it worked! Remember, I like 75 and sunny. Not only will brisk air have the same effect as cold water. This will also trigger the release of positive hormones that help to wake you up and give you more energy.

Have a Snack

If you’re low on blood sugar, then your energy levels will dip in accordance. Don’t eat anything too sugary though This will cause a sudden spike followed by a serious dip. Instead, eat something that will slowly release energy throughout the day. A great choice is oats or a saturated fat source like avocado.

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Take a Power Nap

This one actually sounds backwards. It can be very effective though. If you have 10 minutes, grab a power nap. In fact, anything up to 20 minutes or over 90 minutes will work fine. Don’t stop in-between though, or you’ll wake up during the deepest ‘SWS’ stages of sleep, resulting in grogginess and the dreaded ‘sleep inertia’.

Otherwise, this is a great way to charge your batteries!

Listen to Rock Music

Energizing music is a great way to give yourself a boost. If you don’t fancy rock music, start with something low tempo and then gradually work your way up to faster tracks.

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