Emotional Overeating Can Be A Prison

Emotional overeating can be a prison and cause a person to feel constrained. It can seem like there is no way out of the cycle of suffering unhappy, angry, or anxious thoughts. In other words, we overeat to ease the emotional pain. There are treatments that are available. Some of them are traditional and some of them are alternative.

emotional overeating
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Traditional therapy, surgery, and medicine have all been used at one time or another to treat emotional overeating. There are, however, some alternative therapies that are worth trying. Here are some of them.


Emotional overeating begins in the mind, hypnosis is said to be useful because it addresses the mind directly with the power of suggestion. Hypnosis is not the stuff of cartoons and swinging pocket watches. It’s a clinical practice and many professionals have used it with success to treat emotional overeating. Got to www.subliminalguru.net for a free audio that will help.


The intent of meditation as a method for emotional overeating is to “tune in” to the emotional thought center that is driving your cravings and/or binge eating. Meditation, sometimes taking a form called “mindfulness,”. This the opposite of mindlessness, (an inactive state of mind that is characterized by reliance on distinctions drawn in the past.) The individual does not really think about what he or she is doing; it’s mindless eating.

Herbal Supplements

Every time you turn around there’s a new herbal supplement guaranteed to help you lose weight. But there are some herbs that can help with the issue of emotional overeating. Some of these are listed below.

  •  Hoodia – This much-publicized herb is said to be effective at appetite suppression and boosting energy. Its effects tend to be subtle, and it also has a good safety record.
  •  Vitex – This hormone-balancing herb for women may help those whose emotional overeating is influenced by hormone fluctuations.
  •  Ginseng – This ancient herb is said to help sugar cravings and curb the compulsion to overeat in response to one’s emotions. Both American and Asian ginseng are purported to be equally effective.
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Many Acupuncturists are often asked if acupuncture can help with weight loss. The answer, in general, is yes, but not always. However, the good news is that acupuncture tends to be more successful with treating emotional overeating more than other alternatives. This may be due to acupuncture’s ability to release endorphins and raise your metabolism. Al the while making the client feel better emotionally, effectively curtailing the cravings.


Having the right balance of vitamins and minerals may influence emotional overeating. It’s not too much of a stretch to guess that nutritional deficiencies could play a part in this kind of overeating. So make sure you’re not eating a lot of artificial, processed, prepackaged foods. Stick with for fresh or whole foods as a general rule. Therefore It’s also a good idea to take a vitamin and mineral supplement that is prepared for your gender and life condition.

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