Dream Big, Live With Courage & Inspire Others

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Dream Big, Live With Courage & Inspire Others. What exactly do I mean by this?
Are you straining and frustrated to achieve a certain objective.
If your passion is lacking you must try a new approach
For many years I played guitar.
It was fun and a magnificent escape for me.
Then something happened.
It stopped being fun. So I stopped playing.
Many people ask me why I never play my guitar that much
anymore. I could never give an answer.
The truth is I am a very accomplished guitar player. It just became a chore and did not move me emotionally. (This did change and I picked up my guitar again when I found a new purpose)
Most of us live our lives trying to recapture that old
flame that has long since burned out.

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This has always led me to frustration and being unfulfilled.
Writers that I know worry about blank spells and other such nonsense.
Sports Entertainers I know never quit until they die or choose to leave because
they love what they do.
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dream big

So what is the point?

The only point is following your bliss.
If what you are doing now is a struggle maybe you want to reevaluate your motives behind doing it.
Is it because this is all you have done and you think this is all you know or can do.
Maybe peer pressure won’t let you move on to follow your bliss.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with changing your goals and dreams as long as it is
congruent with your lifestyle and it brings you fulfillment.
Remember Happiness is a choice and so are your actions.

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I have a friend in Florida that worked in the Sports Entertainment industry for several years.
He was a very good and successful. I ask him “why did you leave when you did?”
He did not give me any excuses he just said “It stopped being fun and I wanted other things in my life.”
He is a very successful businessman in the community and is always optimistic and upbeat.
The same scenario with an acquaintance in the same business.
I ask him why he stays in the business. He gave me excuses about politics, money, blah
blah blah. all negative.

Example number one is at peace in his life. He has a passion for his new profession while example number two just muddles from place to place and is not very happy.


Why? Because he hit a brick wall.
His lifestyle was no longer congruent with his vision of himself. If he still had passion he would’ve persisted without exception.
When you have a fire for something. Nothing gets in your way.
When or if the fire burns out you must find the spark for what you truly wish to do next.

Know your new outcome and change your approach.

1. The life you live must be congruent with your goals and aspirations.
2. If there is conflict in your mind there will definitely be conflict in your world.
3. Only you can decide what is best for you to do in this world.
4. Only you can decide what your contribution will be.
5. Only you know what gets you passionate and filled with a burning desire to execute at
your greatest potential.
When is now a good time to look at your life and decide once and for all? Is this what I
want? Is this who I am?
Follow your bliss and the money will come to you almost without effort like the oxygen
that your breath.
Yes, following your bliss still means you must TAKE ACTION!

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