Change Your Behavior to Boost Your Confidence

Confidence is the key

Behavioral psychologists state that we may alter our feelings by altering our behavior. For example, a few studies have shown that we become more pleased if we walk about with a smile on our faces.

Change It


You can accelerate your path to expanded self-confidence by altering your behavior.

Attempt smiling a lot. This will help you drive back feelings of negativism.

Compliment other people on their strengths. You’ll discover that others will return the favor and compliment you back. We all like to hear great things about ourselves!


Work out and get adequate sleep. Both of these behavioral traits better our moods. You’ll feel better within and outside and look better also!

Take time nightly to plan for the following day. By projecting ahead we avoid errors that make us feel foul about ourselves. Think through the following day to prevent minor malfunctions that may embarrass you.

Self Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a way of utilizing relaxation to center your mind on some part of your conduct that you would like to alter. You can put yourself in a hypnotic state of trance if you’ve time and a quiet place in which to center on suggestions that you decide on and are amenable to follow.

A few of the things you can do with self-hypnosis are command pain, restrict or stop smoking, and keep overindulging, anxiety and stress under control. You choose the suggestion you’ll give yourself–and the procedure is under your control.

Before you begin, choose what suggestion you’ll give yourself in hypnosis about the conduct you want to alter. For example, if you would like to be less nervous, you may use the suggestion, “When I awaken, I’ll be calm and centered and in control of my concerns today.” Make it a favorable suggestion. Say it simply, and begin with a fairly little short term goal.

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Then discover a calm place where you won’t be interrupted for about half an hour. Sit in a relaxed pose in a comfy chair.

Shut your eyes, breathe slowly and attempt to calm your mind by putting thoughts out of it one at a time. Occasionally it helps to think of something impersonal, like the color black when ideas return to your mind.

Loosen up your body part by part. It might be easier to begin with your toes, work up your legs to your trunk and arms, and loosen up your neck and head finally. State to yourself, “loosen up your toes. Loosen up your feet, heels, and your ankles.” Loosen up the part wholly before you go on to the following one. Attempting to feel the ease spreading up your body.

When you’re wholly relaxed, state to yourself that you’re now in a great place, where you’re ready to get the suggestion that you would like to carry out to alter your behavior: “I’m now in a great place, and I’m serene and centered and in control of my concerns.”

Go over the part about “I’m serene and centered and in control of my concerns” many times. Center your mind on it and restate it to yourself like a mantra (that’s truly what it is). Make it part of your brain.

Bring yourself out of the mesmerizing state bit by bit. State to yourself that when you count to five, you’ll be awake and that you’ll remember your suggestion and be able to carry through with it. And then count to five.

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