Public Speaking Survival Tips

Public Speaking Survival Tips. Dry mouth, fast heart, sweaty palms, blank mind – yeah I’ve been there! It’s easy to fear public speaking. But I was never just content with overcoming fear. I wanted to be a great speaker. What I needed was a way of calming down and applying simple techniques and strategies to […]


The One Mistake Most Shy People Make

The One Mistake Most Shy People Make The one biggest mistake I see shy people making is being controlled by their emotions. Nearly all shy people make this basic mistake. Do you avoid people who make you feel shy? Avoid public speaking because it makes you feel anxious. If you don’t do something just because […]

How to Deliver a Great Speech

How to deliver a great speech The most important thing about delivering a great speech is Vision and Passion. As soon as you believe in what you’re saying, this will come across in the way you do everything. It will show in your expression. It will show in the content of what you are saying […]

5 Hypnotic Techniques to Enrapture Your Listeners

5 Hypnotic Techniques To Enrapture Your Listeners. The first thing any good hypnosis trainer will tell you is that to be an effective hypnotist, you need to be confident. That way you inspire confidence in your subject and they are free to relax with you. The same is true if you want to hypnotize your […]

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