5 Ways To Become Tough As Nails

Inside This FREE Report You’ll Find Out… 1. The most important character traits all tough guys MUST have.2. That toughness has nothing to do with the size of your muscles or physical strength.3. Why guys today have become mentally weak wimps.4. What EVERY Medal of Honor recipient has in common.5. How to take control of […]

A Basic Training Program to Boost Your Energy

A Basic Training Program to Boost Your Energy. The most important thing to start with is a simple training program that you just stick at. This is where all these self-help article and online training programs have gotten things a bit twisted. It is very misguided when you see the people who walk around the […]

How To Get Visible Abs, Body Weight Exercises

How To Get Visible Abs With Body-Weight Exercises. Done properly they hurt. They’re brutal. Don’t believe me? Ask yourself, why do the military and Special Forces rely on bodyweight conditioning to knock recruits into shape? Just think about it. In real life combat situations muscles aren’t isolated… you use your whole body to run, duck, […]

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