What Really Drives Your Motivation?

What really drives your motivation? It can be elusive for a lot of people. As much as we’d like to have that feeling on tap, it just seems to dry up every now and then. Motivation can make a massive impact on your life. Without it, it’s way harder to accomplish your goals and make your dreams happen. […]

Succeed; First You Must Sharpen Your Sword

Succeed; First You Must Sharpen Your Sword. A warrior’s sword is always sharp and they do not sharpen it during a fight.  All preparation and training are done beforehand. They’re prepared and ready. They’ve done what mattered and this is something that’s crucial to success.Doing what matters is so important that it literally determines if […]

Dream Big, Live With Courage & Inspire Others

Dream Big, Live With Courage & Inspire Others. What exactly do I mean by this?Are you straining and frustrated to achieve a certain objective.If your passion is lacking you must try a new approachFor many years I played guitar.It was fun and a magnificent escape for me.Then something happened.It stopped being fun. So I stopped […]

Avoid These Crucial Motivation Mistakes

Avoid These Crucial Motivation Mistakes. When I was “trying” to increase my motivation I made a series of fundamental mistakes which are so easy to avoid. In this article I’ll discuss the most common motivational mistakes that people (including yours truly) make so you can avoid them.If you are pursuing a number of goals then […]

Increase Your Motivation With These 4 Steps

Increase Your Motivation With These 4 Steps. What separates successful people from the rest of society? Successful people have goals and developed the necessary motivation to achieve them. Other than that they are no different from anyone else on the planet.So how do you increase your motivation so that you can achieve your goals? Like […]

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