PTSD Can Take Years Before Surfacing

PTSD Can Take Years Before Surfacing. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) doesn’t always appear immediately after a traumatic event. New research has found that it can take up to two years or longer following a traumatic event before symptoms of PTSD surface. Researchers have long believed that signs of PTSD occur shortly after a traumatic event. […]

Prescriptions: Times When None Are Needed

Prescriptions: Times When None Are Needed. Have you visited a doctor about your depression only to be given a costly prescription for an antidepressant medication? Perhaps you’ve tried more than one medication because not everyone responds to every drug the same way. Or maybe you’ve tried taking pills but have never gotten past the side […]

Keeping Your Body Active and Mobile

That’s right: keeping your body active and mobile. Your brain’s primary purpose is to move your body. And a huge amount of your grey matter’s real estate is dedicated to exactly that job. If you want to keep learning and creating new connections in your brain, nothing will compare to staying active and exercising. What’s more, […]

Enhance Your Memory Before Going To Bed Tonight

Enhance Your Memory Before Going To Bed Tonight. How many times have you felt frustrated because you forgot where you left your keys, about an appointment or an important family event? Probably more times than you can count. Memory loss is a real thing, and it is something to worry about. Simply put, your brain is […]

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