Unleash Your Genius with Genius Brain Power

Unleash Your Genius with Genius Brain Power. When people think of exercising it often involves physical exertion to strengthen muscles. The human brain is also an important “muscle” in the body and with the right brain training and brain exercises you can help keep your mind fit, alert and ready to handle the rigors of […]

Reverse Dementia And Memory Loss

Reverse Dementia and Memory Loss. As you get older, your memory and attention span starts to deteriorate… You may forget where you put your keys… Maybe you might zone out when someone is talking to you… You might even forget what you were looking for or why you were in a certain room… Image by […]

The Truth About Subliminal Messaging Technology

The Truth About Subliminal Messaging Technology. James Vicary exposed movie-goers to short subliminal messages containing the phrases “Eat Popcorn” and “Drink Coca-Cola” that were believed to have increased sales for those particular products. When challenged, Vicary was unable to replicate the results and was forced to admit that the data was too small to be […]

CBT Improves Memory And Concentration

CBT Improves Memory And Concentration. Those of you who have studied any psychology might recognize this as a form of ‘cognitive restructuring’.Cognitive restructuring is a technique from CBT, or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. CBT meanwhile is a psycho therapeutic technique used to treat a range of conditions ranging from social anxiety, to phobias, to OCD. Essentially, […]

Easy Effective Memorization Techniques

Easy Effective Memorization Techniques. Memorization tires most of us. Admit it, we’d rather glance on our palmtops or organizers once in a while for convenience. Memorization is something we don’t want to deal with for the rest of our lives although we deal with it in school because it’s something we need to do. Now […]

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