PTSD Treatment for Combat Veterans by Colin Harrison


PTSD is a major problem for veterans today and is going to become a bigger problem over time. That’ s not speculation it’ s a fact, based on the enormous number of troops that have been in combat in recent years.

In fact , more than 2 . 0 million American and coalition troops have served in military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2003, with thousands deployed multiple times. Recent surveys found that 20% of soldiers who served in Afghanistan now suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or major depression.

However , alarming these figures may be, it’ s comforting to know that diagnosis for PTSD is getting better and numerous treatments are available. So what treatments are available for suffers of PTSD?


One of the most common symptoms of PTSD is difficulty sleeping, which can be a major problem and have a disruptive effect on one’ s ability to concentrate and focus. A drug called Prazosin is often prescribed for nightmares and has been used for a long time in the treament of hypertension.

Anxiety and depression is another common issue and many drugs are available to treat this symptom. The one thing to consider with any medication is that side-effects are often associated with their use and dependency can also become an issue. Working closely with your doctor should help you find the right medications and manage any side-effects that are experienced. Ideally, medication will help out in the short-term and provide a route into more sustainable and natural treatments.


A number of forms of therapy are available for suffers of PTSD, and whilst in the past many people have been reticent to consider ‘ seeing a shrink’, therapy is one of the most effective ways to tackle the condition.

It’ s possible to enter into a one-on-one or a group therapy programme. Group therapy has benefited many people facing challenging mental or physical situations and the power of connecting with people who have been through similar experiences should not be underestimated.

Some types of therapy used in PTSD treatment include:

Cognitive therapy. Talking about self-destructive thoughts and what causes this can help you develop strategies to change these notions.

Exposure therapy. This is a behavioral therapy technique to help you face up to the things that you find upsetting so you can learn to deal with it.

Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR). This seems like an unusual approach, but combining Exposure Therapy with a programme of guided eye movements can help sufferers deal with traumatic memories. This is because there is a strong connection between eye movement and the function of the memory.

A combination of these approaches will likely be the best route, and working with your healthcare professional should allow you to find the best approach for you. Just remember that there’ s no need to deal with the symptoms of PTSD on your own and effective treatment can have a massive difference on the quality of your life.

Once a Warrior–Always a Warrior: Navigating the Transition from Combat to Home–Including Combat Stress, PTSD, and mTBI


Shock Waves: A Practical Guide to Living with a Loved One’s PTSD


Mind-Body Workbook for PTSD: A 10-Week Program for Healing After Trauma


Music’s Healing Power — The Perfect Therapy


Music’s Healing Power — The Perfect Therapy

You’re about to be wheeled in for surgery. You’re very nervous, and nothing anyone says is going to make you feel better. Finally, someone turns on some incredibly soothing music. You finally feel the peace wash over you and you know everything is going to be okay. Is it just a feeling, or does music actually have any
influence over your health?

The evidence is stacked up strongly in favor of music’s healing
A positive link has been found for those suffering from things like autism, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Tourette’s.

Why Does Music Have a Healing Effect?

There are neuroscientists who are working to discover exactly why music
has healing powers
. After all, it’s pretty amazing that it can stimulate certain areas of the brain, speed healing, and decrease anxiety and increase optimism.

There are different components to music that can have an effect. Pitch, harmony, frequency, melody, and rhythm all effect the brain in different ways. We know that some of the brain locations are involved in helping to heal and soothe the body as well.

The brain can be taught and stimulated to perform better — and it seems that music is the
perfect vehicle to do that.

Musical Therapy

There are around 5,000 registered musical therapists in the United States. Their services are used to soothe people, stimulate recovery, and more. As we now know from scientific evidence, music has an actual physical effect on the body as well.

What Can Music Heal?

Music can be beneficial in just about every circumstance. However, scientists are looking into some specific uses where it has been found to be particularly effective.

Those who have had strokes often have trouble with their speech. It’s thought that the act of
singing or chanting can increase their fluency! It also has a strong effect on optimism and a positive outcome in
recovery overall.

In fact, the same effect has been seen with those who stutter. Music and singing can completely take the stutter away for a time. This is a great relief and a definite boost for someone who is tired of stuttering.

Parkinson’s disease affects movement. The rhythm of music can be a great help because it can stimulate the brain to allow more movement. It can help a person with Parkinson’s disease to move smoothly and vibrantly!

Memory is one of the biggest areas of study for music’s healing power. Research in the area of Alzheimer’s disease has been particularly promising. While it doesn’t take away or lessen the disease, it can help to stimulate memories for the patient.

It’s apparent that music has a special place in both our hearts and our minds, since even those who have nearly completely lost touch with reality can recognize and sing songs they have loved throughout their life.

Music has also been tested to be an amazing de-stressor. You’ve probably seen its effects yourself! You can come home and pop in your favorite CD at the end of the day and the worries that troubled you during the work hours instantly melt away.

The Science Behind Music’s Healing Power

However, there is science behind this and its healing power. Dr. Mike Miller of the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore, set out to study this.

He used high-tech imaging to measure blood vessel size while listening to music. What he found was that the lining of the blood vessel relaxed and opened up. It also produced chemicals that help protect the heart.

There is a catch here. It has to be music the person enjoys! If they do not, the vessels close up. This is a stress response — the opposite of what we want.

Music can heal indirectly as well. You see, stress can have terrible effects on the body and mind long term. It can cause the blood vessels to become rigid, which does not allow the blood to flow freely. Arteries can harden as well. Blood pressure can rise overall. All of this is a recipe for heart attack and stroke!

Stress has a negative effect on the immune system as well. People who are stressed tend to get sick far more often. Those who are stressed often experience fertility and performance issues. Stress can even lead to anxiety and depression. It’s an all-around bad mixture for the body!

That’s why we see such positive effects from calm music. Music can make you feel great! When your mood improves, the stress gets chased away. It follows, then, that listening to music consistently can improve your health because it eliminates the factor of stress and its effects on the body and mind.

Hospitals Recognize Music’s Healing Power

Many hospitals and doctors are starting to recognize the wonderful healing effect music can have. They know that it can reduce stress and anxiety. It can help improve the recovery period — and it’s incredibly cost effective.

You can try this as well! There are so many ways you can integrate music into your daily life. Whether you have a condition you feel could be helped by music or not, music can positively affect your mood and overall health.

Researchers do note that you should change up the music you listen to. That way, it is kept fresh and alive, and the effects remain strong. You are now in a great position because you know that music can be so beneficial. If you should ever need surgery or to overcome an illness, you’ll be well aware of the amazing
benefits music can hold for you.

It’s a great thing that music’s healing power is not only being studied, but utilized. We’ve used music to heal since the beginning of time — it’s part of who we are. We will come to learn much, much more as scientists dedicate their time to this important area of study. Even more important, however, is that you make
music therapy a part of your everyday life.

Share it with those you love! If you know someone who is stressed or healing, the chances are high they could use some healing power. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to the wonderful effects music can have on your body.

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Subliminal Messages: How Do They Work?


Post 5

You’ve probably heard of subliminal messages. There are lots of urban myths about how companies and advertisers use these kinds of messages to persuade customers to act in certain ways. The truth is, however, that subliminal messages won’t make you do or feel anything you’re not already inclined to do or feel. And, ironically, that’s what makes them such effective and powerful self-development tools.


The word “subliminal” is made up of two parts: sub, which means under or below (as in submarine) and liminal, which means threshold (as in the word limit). These kinds of messages are therefore presented “below the threshold” of your conscious mind. So even though you aren’t aware of the information, your subconscious mind picks it up and locks it away in your brain.


You Can Literally Change Your Mind

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Here’s the thing – your subconscious mind is where the real power lies. Everything you think and believe is stored away in there. If you want to make real changes in your life, you have to be able to make changes at the subconscious level.


Imagine your subconscious mind is like a robot you’ve built. The first thing you do is program it to work in a certain way. Unlike any sci-fi movies you may have seen, this robot is incapable of doing anything it hasn’t been programmed to do.


Your subconscious mind works just like that. Over the years you’ve been “programmed” by the things you’ve seen, the things you’ve heard, and the things you’ve done. Your thoughts and beliefs are embedded in there, and they get fed out to your conscious mind, making you think you’re deciding all this stuff consciously… but you’re not.


That’s why so many people find it hard to quit smoking using their willpower alone, or to find the motivation to exercise more, or to lose weight. It’s almost impossible to make any real changes that have a significant impact on your waking or conscious life, unless you first make those changes at a subconscious level.


Sublimely Effective


With subliminal technology, your subconscious mind gets bombarded with positive messages that can literally change the way you think. They bypass the conscious mind completely, below the threshold, so that this logical mind doesn’t get in the way. The more your subconscious mind is exposed to these new ideas, the easier it is for you to alter your behavior, and that gives you the chance to change your programming from the inside out.


Subliminal messages are presented in the form of audio or visual stimuli – background sounds or flashing images – that you aren’t even aware of. They sneak into your subconscious mind and start working to change your attitudes, making it easy to break bad habits and develop new, positive ones, and giving you that extra push you need to take your life in a whole new direction.


You might have enormous willpower and determination, but on their own they simply aren’t enough. That’s why so many people give up on their New Year’s resolutions after a month or two… because deep down they haven’t actually changed anything. To do that, you need to get at your subconscious mind and input the new programming that will help you change your beliefs – and ultimately allow you to reach your goal.


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Soundtrack That Plays in our Mind


(excerpt from PTSD)

Someone once said that we all have a musical soundtrack that plays in our mind. Where did this come from? My guess is years of programming from everything from commercials to music. Everything we have ever seen or heard is in our brain somewhere. Have you ever wondered why a song is in your head and you cannot seem to get rid of it?
My research and questions to people have found that it may pertain to our emotional and psychological state at the time. I wake up and hear a song that may be a “trigger” or an “anchor” to something from my past. Sometimes it is about a girl, other times it will take me to places I do not wish to go.

Remembering things and forgetting them constitute two ways that our subconscious protects us. For some reason Veterans like us find ourselves vividly remembering incidents, people, places, and things that may have warped our thinking and judgment. Sometimes this will manifest itself negative ways, we may become isolated, have panic attacks or bouts of confusion. The practice that works for me is replacing those old songs with something new and different until I can handle them. Sometimes it takes leverage (pain) to take action on these situations. If we are in enough pain, we will respond with whatever action is needed for change to take place.

Create new memories with these songs or replace the words with something that makes you feel good. My neighbor burns his trash on his farm, I can smell it a mile away, and it takes me back to Somalia just about every time. Alternatively, another personal favorite of mine is when he shoots one of his cows in the head when he sells one. Just the gunshot makes my mind move into fight or flight mode. The other day I opened my truck door to let my dog out when we went to the park. Just the way the handle “popped” put a ringing in my ears and I was instantly back to a place I did not want to be. By practice, taking action and using trial and error I have learned to change my state in a split second and move to a more comfortable place.

I have become a firm believer in “garbage in, garbage out.” I replace those songs (old ways of thinking) with other motivational material or with new songs (new ways of thinking) and I create a peaceful fun environment for my subconscious. Remember that our subconscious cannot distinguish between reality and fiction. It will only do what our conscious mind tells it to do.

If we say, “I can’t” the conscious mind tells the subconscious “okay boys; he says he can’t do it so let’s prove him right.” If we say, “I can” the conscious mind says “okay boys he says he can so let’s make it happen.”

It is important that your environment reinforces your identity!

It is important that your environment reinforces your identity!

Take charge of your life, if you don’t there are several people and institutions that will do it for you. Conquer your fears and SET GOALS.
Many people sleep through their life without a definite purpose.
Setting goals plants seeds in your subconscious that will manifest regardless of what you consciously do. When you place goals into your subconscious they move you in the direction you want to go, sometimes effortlessly. Remember it is who you become on the journey.
I have said before that “normal” is a setting on a washing machine. The “normal guy” goes nowhere and does nothing. Leaders are different from the group. You can’t be “normal” and be a leader.
Be different from other people and you will go farther than you ever dreamed. On an average day we spend almost 2 hours talking with someone else. This is roughly 10,000-20,000 words. This seems like a lot. Here is the kicker this is only .05% of the words you speak to yourself on a daily basis.

The words you speak to yourself will create the world that you live in!

As a man thinketh so is he, always think why you CAN do something not why you can’t.

Stopping Panic Attacks Naturally

panic away

by Jacinta Hawthorn

If you want to understand how to stop panic attacks naturally then it sounds like you are planning to go the self help option instead of making use of prescription drugs to manage your anxiety and panic. Anxiety attacks can be halted and there are incredible all natural means of accomplishing this. Panic and anxiety attacks start off in the brain and they are created in the area of the brain referred to as amygdala. This really is rather like a switch that turns anxiety and off.

Controlling the amygdala is the vital thing to mastering precisely how to cease panic and anxiety attacks naturally. Panic and anxiety believe it or not accomplish a useful purpose as their function is to alert you of approaching threat so that you can do something to assure your own survival. This process is named the fight or flight response. Panic and anxiety symptoms happen once this process becomes too easily induced due to over excitement of this response.

The good news is that panic attacks and anxiousness really are a behavioural pattern which you acquired over time when you are in contact with stressful stimulus. Any kind of behaviour that is acquired may be unlearned as well. This is how to prevent panic disorders naturally. Although there are natural cures for panic and anxiety attacks such as natural herbs they simply offer you short-lived reduction because the secret is unlearn this behavour rather than manage it using drugs or herbal treatments.

Learning how to overcome your anxiety and panic necessitates finding out how to do a few simple techniques that can stop this pattern. It is easy to avoid anxiety and panic attacks as soon you feel anxious by performing psychological exercises which have been intended to retrain the amygdala. Once you are in the position to stop the amygdala initiating panic and anxiety attacks this ultimately turns into a brand new behavior which changes the previous behavour where panic and anxiety attacks are brought on easily.

The most essential approaches to getting to know how to stop panic attacks naturally is finding out how to breath correctly. When panic attacks arise your breathing becomes faster and shallower. It’s a sign of the fight or flight response getting triggered. By taking power over your breathing by taking extended deep breaths you’ll be able to seize control preventing an anxiety attack. It is essential to make deep breathing exercises a part of your everyday regimen because this will help you become a more serene person and less at risk from the stimulus that bring about panic and anxiety.

The most beneficial step you can take with regard to ending panic attacks naturally would be to follow a training course that will take you through each of the approaches you must learn to bring your anxiety and panic under control. The very best help I have found with regard to learning how to end anxiety attacks naturally are The Linden Method and Panic Away. They are easy to understand self help products created for assisting you to simply triumph over any kind of panic and anxiety disorder. Myself and also 1000’s of other individuals have found these programs to be very effective methods for teaching the best way to stop anxiety and panic attacks naturally.

Moving From Pain to Pleasure.

Our whole life is about moving from pain to pleasure. Pain continues to be leverage for me to this day. Even in my subconscious as a being in this universe it directs me to pleasure.

For me, when it hurt bad enough I took massive action to move through it. If the action did not work, I took another route until I found the solution that kept me in a positive emotional state so I could “function”.

When I would say “I am depressed” or “I am sad” I continued to reaffirm my feelings with these statements. My subconscious mind would say “okay, he’s depressed, and he wants to keep it that way” Then I thought about it. I looked at all of my actions in this “depressed state”. Jeez, I had to slump over, I had to breathe shallow, I had to do all of these things with my body to stay in that miserable state.

So I then began to change my Physiology (the way I moved my body), the way I breathed. I tricked my subconscious by good memory management. I thought of a time when I felt great and I relived that moment over and over. I acted my way into right thinking by changing my state with this small exercise.

I stay away from affirmations that say “I am wealthy” “I am at peace” etc; because this creates conflict with my subconscious. Instead I just say “wealth” and “Peace” and my subconscious is not at a battle with it being labeled with the “I am’s”
Words are powerful, and thoughts become things

Wishing you happiness, joy, laughter and prosperity in all that you do

Timothy Kendrick
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How to Use Binaural Beats for Maximum Effectiveness

There are no hard and fast rules on how to use binaural beats. However, at Ennora, we do have a recommended code of conduct that will help you get the best from the experience. The reality is that you can use binaural beats anywhere, as long as you have headphones. That said, it seems somewhat pointless trying to relax the brain while driving in rush hour traffic. Remember, using binaural beats is essentially meditation, and to achieve the best from meditation you must put the mind in a neutral state. The mind should be free of distraction and stress.

Settle into a Mindful State

Before listening to your recording, try and settle into a mindful state. Find an isolated space, ideally in a neutral environment that isn’t usually associated with stress or high-energy activity. Your environment should be free of disturbances, so be sure to turn off your phone, and let those likely to disturb you know that you won’t be available for the duration.

Sitting among nature is ideal, for example in the park, by a lake or in a spacious field. If this isn’t possible, then try your conservatory, your garden or a room in the house that makes you feel warm and content. Be in the moment, be present, be spacious and let go. If you find this difficult, close your eyes and concentrate on the rise and fall of your breath for a few minutes before starting.

Take up Your Binaural Position

If you can sit in the traditional mediation position then do so (Lotus Position). If you find this uncomfortable or are yet to master sitting cross-legged then lie down or sit on a comfortable seat. If at home, use your couch or bed. Whatever you do ensure you are comfortable. Don’t sit slouched over or with your head to one side. Sit or lie straight with your head perfectly centered.

Use Quality Headphones

It really is worth investing in some good headphones to get the most out of your recordings. We personally recommend closed back headphones for optimum binaural beats listening. If you don’t know the difference between the two let me explain.

Closed headphones have a closed, or sealed, cup. Open headphones are open behind the driver. Basically this means that closed headphones will keep you from hearing outside sounds and also keep people around you from hearing your headphones – this is referred to as “leaking.” Cheaper closed headphones with a sealed cup will have reflections and resonances, however, higher end models from the likes of Bose, Sennheiser, and Sony deal with those issues very well.

Setting the Volume

You don’t want to give yourself earache, but at the same time you don’t want the recording to be too low. Have it loud enough so that you can’t be disturbed by outside noise like passing traffic or people talking within the vicinity of your meditation area.

So there you have it, the perfect way to use binaural beats. Remember though, as long as you have headphones and you are in a relaxed position, you will feel some positive effect. This means you can use binaural beats on the bus, in the back of a car on a long journey, on the train or even just going for a stroll.

A Natural Cure for Insomnia and Sleep Anxiety

Poor quality sleep is a massive modern-day problem, and according to the National Sleep Foundation is something 1 in 3 people suffer from some level of insomnia.

Lack of sleep affects physiological and cognitive functions such as memory and attention, complex thought, motor response and emotional control.

One particular study showed that participants kept awake for up to 19 hours scored substantially worse on performance and alertness than those who were legally intoxicated.

(Source: National Sleep Foundation – Sleep-Wake Cycle, 2006)

Lack of sleep also causes us to feel pretty miserable, and studies have shown that it considerably affects mood, causing anger, anxiety and sadness.

But sleep loss does far more than make us feel grumpy, sad and a little slower. In the past few years, investigators have found that sleep loss may have harmful consequences for our immune system, contributing to serious illnesses such as obesity, diabetes, and hypertension.

The Future of Brainwave Entrainment   Focus is so important because it is the gateway to all thinking: perception, memory, learning, reasoning, problem solving, and decision making. Without good focus, all aspects of your ability to think will suffer.

Start listening to increase your level of focus. Get in a comfortable position and make sure and listen with headphones. It takes the average person about 8 minutes for your brainwaves to fully resonate with the frequencies. As you relax just listen to the sounds of the recording and let them guide your brainwaves. For best results listen daily.

What Do You Want To Achieve?

How is it that some people are able to easily overcome impossible odds and create the experiences in life they desire, while others, no matter how hard they try, seem to be in a constant state of struggle.

If you have ever studied any literature on personal, physical, mental, and spiritual development, you quickly find that everything hinges on one single fact:

That Everything Starts in The Mind

Anything you want to achieve, all obstacles that you wish to overcome, and any goals that you want to reach, all begin in the mind before you can accomplish it on the outside.

Those that have learned to control the power of their mind have become some of the most influential and successful people in the world.

How to Control The Power of Your Mind

Everybody knows from experience, that when you put your mind to something, you can accomplish just about anything.

Those that have learned to control this power, and can focus their thoughts with tremendous force, have become some of the most influential people in the world.

When you are able to focus your thoughts and align them with your desires and will, you create a powerful force that is impenetrable. Nothing will be able to stop you from having the experiences that you desire.

Now of course, if this were easy, then everybody would be getting the results they want in life. Success, Motivation, Happiness, Health, Creativity, Spiritual Enlightenment – all of these things would easily be obtained.

There’s just a few problems with this…

The World of Distractions
For one, we are constantly surrounded by distractions. Everywhere you look, someone or something, is trying to get our attention. The more we give into these distractions, the harder it becomes to break free from them. This robs our thoughts of what we truly should be focusing on like our dreams and goals.
Many benefits have came from the world we live in today, but it has also came with much sacrifice. Our brains must adapt to the world around us and with so many distractions going on, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to be aware of one of the most important things for reaching success:
Our unconscious Mind…
The Subconscious

As you probably know, your unconscious mind is a very powerful force. Even if you don’t realize it, your subconscious pretty much runs the show in life.

No matter how much you tell yourself you can do something, if you don’t subconsciously believe it, then you will fail.

In order to make any drastic changes, you must first remove deep rooted, limiting, subconscious beliefs, and fill it with uplifting, positive reinforcements.
So if you can align your thoughts with your desires and will, by having pinpointed laser focus, while also influencing your habitual subconscious thinking pattern, you will become an unstoppable individual who can accomplish anything he wishes.
Using IsoBeats to Access Any State of Mind

IsoBeats, is a new technology that is able to bring out these exact results in the mind of the user by influencing their brain’s electrical frequency pattern.

You see, Our brain consists of a tight network of over 100 billion neurons, all interacting with one another and generating an immense electrical field.

Every feeling, emotion, thought, and experience that you have are all influenced by this electrical field.

Using an electro-encephalogram, or, EEG for short, we are able to measure this electrical field and find which frequency patterns are associated with specific states of consciousness.

With our advanced brainwave entrainment technology, we are able to introduce a precise harmonically layered blend of frequencies that changes the electrical field of the user’s brain.

This is possible because of the brain’s natural frequency following response – which is our brain’s ability to change its EEG frequency towards the frequency of a dominant external stimulus.

To put it simply, IsoBeats is able to give the user power and control over their own mind, by influencing their brainwaves to reach the optimum states of consciousness associated with the desired results.
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