A Relaxing Bedtime Routine Will Help Beat Insomnia

A relaxing bedtime routine will help beat insomnia and provide a person with good quality sleep every night. A routine can help a person fall asleep easily during evening hours without taking a sleeping pill. Sleeping pills such as Ambien can be harmful and full of synthetic ingredients.

Relaxing Bedtime Routine Will Help Beat Insomnia
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Learning how to relax before bedtime is the best way to develop a bedtime routine. Most of us have daily routines and this is no different. Although it maybe a challenge in the beginning, eventually you will sleep comfortably. Once again, I say “repetition is the mother of all skill”.

People around the globe have already proven that relaxing bedtime routines work. The bottom line is it encourages a person to relax while preparing to sleep. 

Establish Relaxing Bedtime Routines with these Steps

A person who wants to have a good quality of sleep every night should perform a relaxing activity an hour before bedtime. One good example of a relaxing activity that a person can perform is to lie on a bed for several minutes while thinking of happy moments in their life. Turn off the lights and don’t use any type of electronic gadget at this stage.

Play relaxing music with slow tempo while relaxing and then turn off the player when it’s time to sleep. Or, do as I do and have a timer. I have a very small MP3 player and I listen to hypnosis or music. Anything to shut off the Grand Central Station that keeps my mind running on an on.

Here are the top 3 Ways to create a relaxing bedtime routine.

  1. Adopt a routine schedule: Try to maintain a regular, routine sleep/wake schedule. …
  2. Avoid taking daytime naps: People who nap have more difficulty falling asleep at nighttime. …
  3. Avoid caffeine and alcohol: Caffeine is a brain stimulant that interferes with good sleep.
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