A Brick Up Side Of The Head

‘We live in such an uncertain world. We take it for granted we will see our loved ones and friends again. Unfortunately “tomorrow” does not always come. Don’t let regrets be a constant reminder in your life. We never know when life will be changed forever. Take the time to be kind to people. More smiles, more hugs and don’t be shy to say “I love you” – Marc Mero

A Brick Up Side Of The Head
“Regrets are the biggest joy killers of all. For some reason or another this morning I thought about regrets.
What would I have change? Why? Better yet why even think about it. It is gone.
Maybe there is a lesson I could learn from not acting on my intuition, you know that gut feeling you get that says this is the right thing to do or, this is the wrong thing to do.


The ego will always stand in the way.
Ego is a two edged sword or a brick up side of the head. (OUCH!)
If I listen to my ego instead of that inner still voice I will almost always make a decision based on a selfish need and this in turn causes problems.
Ego is based on self where as intuition I believe is based on my connection to the universe.
My mom has a prayer that reads. ” Pray for the highest and best for all concerned”
I like that prayer. It kinda takes the wind out of my ego’s sails
I like to think I am a bit more patient than I was in my youth.
Shortcuts always seem to backfire on me.
I remember graduating high school (many years ago) without any real plan for life.
Back then schools did not really teach you about the real world.
So me and my buddy Jim are walking down the street, I have 2 bucks in my pocket and he probably has the same.
We talked about his brother Bobby who was doing quite well in the Air Force.
So the next thing I know we are going to talk to recruiters.
We went to the Marine Corps office and they were out to lunch so we went next
door and joined the Army.
Yes it was crazy I know.
It was an intuitive nudge that told me to do that.
Now there where times in war and other places I wondered why things were like they were.
Why was I in so much pain? (and getting shot at)
Without knowing it I was living “the highest and best for all concerned”.
What would’ve happened if I had not joined the Army that day?
A kid like me did not have much going for him back in the town I grew up in.
Heck, in the Army, I got to see the world and meet some beautiful people.
I learned skills that would help me the rest of my life.
As much as I hated the Army sometimes I still knew deep down that it was no mistake that I chose this life.
Intuition will lead you to the highest and best for all concerned.
There is so much I could expand on about the military.
The main point is everyone I came in contact with over 30 years had the same intuitive thought and one time or another.
Many of these people enhanced my life (some even saved my life).
Do I have regrets? Yes, Do I let them eat me alive today? Nope.
I have a friend, Rob who I met many years go when I was going through some tough times.
When I had a life problem I could not solve he would always ask me “What does your gut say?
That is where I would find answers to my problem.
Yes it s that simple.
What does your gut say?

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