3 Great Ways To Get Your Emotions In control

3 great ways to get your emotions in control
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3 great ways to get your emotions in control. This is a short video explaining how to get out of the rut you or I have been in. You might just be amazed at the quick results when you become aware of your situations and how you handle them.

A 1,2,3 example of how to get your emotions in control and take charge of your life and happiness.

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Nope, Your mind is NOT a modern invention.

Your mind has been designed over millions of years of evolution to help you do 2 primary things. Those are to survive and reproduce. Therefore, your mind exists to improve your chances of either surviving or having babies. So,this is kind of important so you can pass on your genes to future generations.

Many negative emotions like fear, anxiety, anger and jealousy come from these 2 big unconscious drives: Survival and reproduction.

  • When you feel afraid when a big dog suddenly barks at you, that fear is meant to help you fight the predator or run away to safety. Survival.
  • If you feel jealous about your romantic partner spending lots of time with someone else, that jealousy is meant to help you improve your chances of reproducing.
  • When you feel anxious about walking down a dark empty street alone, that anxiety is meant to help you remain alert for any strange dangers in a new environment.

Now, it’s easy to see how an emotion like fear is related to survival. It’s a little harder to understand why your mind’s habit of replaying embarrassing or awkward moments is related to survival.

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Do a bit of research on your own.. I hope this article and video enhance your productivity and help you.

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