It’s Me, Your Subconscious


We need to talk.

The problem I have is with the food you’ve been giving me.

I mean – so much negative news… So many stories of scarcity and limitations…

You should know that I really soak that stuff up!

And I can’t help but leech it back out.  (It’s what I do – soak stuff up and give it back to you)…

I can see all the negativity affecting your beliefs and your ambitions from time to time…

And I know I could do so much more for you if I had the right food to work with.

Do me a favor, and cut back on negative messages for a while. Turn off the news. Don’t read those Facebook stories about awful problems a world away for a little while…

And if you’re willing, give me something positive to chew on… Something that reminds me of the endless abundance of the universe…

I know I can help you a lot right now, and really set you up for some big wins… if you just give me the right stuff to eat.

-Your Subconscious.

P.S. This message was sent on behalf of Your Subconscious by Josh Burns and The New Hypnotists.

If it struck a chord, feel free to pass it along.

If it left a bad taste in your mouth, I apologize.

Some messages are worth being a little creative. And some problems require out-of-the-box thinking.

P.P.S. If you’d like to feed your subconscious something powerful and packed with abundant mindedness, this will do the trick

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