Your Brain On Brainwave Entrainment

Your brain is comprised of approximately 100 BILLION neurons. A neuron is a specialized cell that transmits information via electrical chemical impulses that travel from one neuron to another via neural synapses (pathways between the neurons).

Depending on the messages being transmitted, these impulses move from neuron to neuron in a regular pattern (a brain wave) that can be measured using specialized equipment called an EEG.

Scientists have been able to use the EEG to distinguish 5 distinct brain waves that equate to 5 different mental states that can be generally described as…

  • Gamma: 30-60 Hz: Associated with compassion, empathy, decision making under stress, and higher brain functioning and processes. Gamma Frequencies are found naturally in higher amounts in long time meditators. It is thought to improve clarity of thought and believed to improve intuition.
  • Beta: 13-30 Hz: Wide awake state and associated with sensory motor awareness. Focused and alert, analytical thinking, learning new information quickly. Usually associated with peak mental and physical performance, but is also associated with stress and anxiety.
  • Alpha: 8-13 Hz: Associated with lighter meditative states and super learning. It is a relaxed yet alert state of mind ideal for positive thinking and creative problem solving. It is used to elevate mood, reduce stress, enhance creativity and is believed to bridge the conscious and unconscious mind.
  • Theta: 4-8 Hz: This is the dream state and is ideal for creative inspirations, enhanced visualization, deep meditation, deep relaxation, inner peace and a general sense of well-being. Key state involved in energy healing work. Believed to increase inner wisdom, enhance intuition, and reduce stress.
  • Delta: 0.6-4 Hz: This is deep sleep with no dreaming. It is associated with physical healing and recuperation, healing of the limbic system and may positively influence symptoms of PTSD. Believed to help with inner growth and wisdom, deep healing, and recovery from trauma.

At any given time a person’s overall brain wave pattern is a combination of the alpha, beta, theta, delta, and gamma brain waves and each of these patterns, in general, equates to different mental, emotional, even spiritual states.

Brainwave Entrainment technology has been designed to entrain your brain into specific brain wave patterns, hence enabling you to move into a desired mental/emotional state.

Brainwave Entrainment is based upon the discovery by a Dutch scientist named Christian Huygens in 1665. Huygens observed that when a number of clocks were put in a room, the pendulums would eventually all synchronize with one another’s rhythm, no matter how intentionally off rhythm they were started. He called this tendency to synchronize entrainment. This natural entrainment was so precise that even alignment with the most advanced machines could not get them synchronized as well.

The human brain also follows the same kind of entrainment response, responding to rhythmic outside stimuli (for example drumming), shifting brainwaves until they moves into synchronization.

Brainwave Entrainment technologies capitalize on this Frequency Following Response (FFR) to help guide the listener into a more desirable state. A number of different methods are used, including…

  • Binaural Beats: Binaural beats are two frequencies played at the same time to produce a third frequency that is used to entrain brainwaves. For instance, a 340 Hz sound played in one ear and a 350 Hz in the other would produce a 10 Hz wave which, in turn, entrains the wakeful relaxing brainwaves mentioned above. This effect is produced in the brain.
  • Monaural Beats: Monaural beats are similar to Binaural Beats in that 2 tones are used to create the entrainment beat. The primary difference is that the 2 tones are combined in each of the left and right channels of the stereo field. Because Monaural Beats are not produced in the brain but rather in the sound itself, they can be heard without headphones.
  • Isochronic Tones: Isochronic tones utilize equal intensity tones, varying pulse speed, and work by synchronizing the brain waves to the rhythm. It’s a fine art to create Isochronic tones that are both pleasant and effective but when done well they are proving to be a very powerful entrainment tool.
  • Proprietary Technologies: Research into new more effective brain wave entrainment methods continue and we are at the forefront. Our Super Mind Music collection uses special combinations of the above technologies in addition to other proprietary methods that all aim to give the listener an ever more enjoyable, powerful experience.

Another benefit to regular brainwave entrainment listening not mentioned above is that in order to enable the entrainment to take place new neural connections (synapses) are formed between the neurons. These synapses enable many new pathways for information to travel, which in turn increases both the flexibility, creativity, and information holding capabilities of the brain.

In other words, listening to brainwave entrainment, just by its nature, makes you smarter.

Where to Get Started?

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