Thought x Emotion = Results



I discovered again yesterday the power of thought. This time in a negative effect,
Thoughts create our reality.
Yesterday I had spoken ill of someone and as I have said a thousand times “what you give you get to keep”. The old tapes were playing as what I had said played around in my head.
I have a plaque on my desk that states: everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.

I commented on a blog about a person who I had no right to judge. My ego judged this individual for their past. Yet I failed to realize that everyone is fighting some kind of battle. My thoughts and putting it down on someone’s blog i.e. (thoughts x’s emotion= result) began the snowball effect of my attitude
It is almost like a rollercoaster at times.
Optimism is learned like any behavior. Everyday we have choices to make. Every action I take and every choice I make matters.
That is a hard one to swallow but trust me choke it down it is the truth.

My day was not the same after speaking ill of another. I had broken one of my own sacred rules of living and in doing so zapped the energy from my body and soul.
The point is not what I said the point is that I thought it with emotion and wrote it down. This equaled the result

I put negative out to the universe and the law of attraction repaid me in full.
My day was not very productive.

The thoughts I had about this individual allowed me to fit in with the rest of the crowd. This was the easy way. Thoughts become things and words have tremendous power. When you get emotional about something it usually comes from the words you use to communicate with yourself.
Thoughts x’s Words = emotion and emotion leads us to action or inaction in this case.

See how long you can go without having a negative thought about someone or something. Ah come on, it’s not that hard. Give it a try.
You make be thinking okay Tim this is nuts. What am I going to get out of this? What is in it for me? This may be all well and good for you but not for me.
Our best thinking got us to this point in our lives today. If it is unsatisfactory we’d better look at and try new things that might enhance our lives and those around us.

Every action is a loving response or a cry for help. I want my actions to be a loving response. What about you?

Bullet 1: I am responsible for the thoughts and actions I take

Bullet 2: I have the keys to my memory bank therefore I must always deposit positive things into it.
Bullet 3: Squeeze an orange and what comes out? When you are squeezed what comes out?

Two Natures beat within my breast,
The one is foul, the other blessed,
The one I love the other I hate,
The one I feed will dominate.
Focus with a burning desire on what you DO want, NOT what you Don’t want.



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