Top Ten Reasons to Go Subliminal

Top Ten Reasons to Go Subliminal

Before listing actual reasons, let us review and understand this complex title! For a number of reasons, many people have never explored or shown any interest in personal subliminal audio. And many never will. But many will also never go for hypnosis or other therapies either, even if they could benefit from them. A significant portion of the population could truly benefit from the use of direct, inexpensive subliminal recordings if they understood a little about the process- and the mechanics, if you will, of modern subliminal recordings.

Subliminal Perceptions or Something else?

Here’s how it works, try keep an open mind here because it really is true; part of the recording you are playing is an INAUDIBLE voice, speaking the message over and over. These silent messages are recorded on a special frequency that cannot be heard consciously, but that the subconscious can hear and understand. Knowing this, content writers target the subconscious with spoken phrases which are actually short, positive affirmations that work together to form the new, desired thought processes. The other part, or track, is the music or ocean waves or other recorded sound that you can easily hear. The idea is to present a carefully composed message that the unconscious mind, in its infinite wisdom, will accept and eventually adopt as its own philosophy! When teamed up with the conscious mind of a determined individual, the subliminal recording provides another layer of persuasion to help chip away at the stubborn behavior or negative thinking.


An effective producer will embed positive statements nearly exclusively, because most often the subconscious does not recognize a negative term such as ‘I will not.’ Many subliminal audio creators have studied NLP, or Neuro-linguistic Programming, for the purpose of aiding in their attempts to speak to the human subconscious in its own “language.” Of course some people are more receptive than others, and some are more resistant. It is important for the person to consciously want to accept the new ideal, as well. Keep in mind that everyone is different; plus, no one is conducting an in depth study concerning the vocabulary of each person’s subconscious mind! So the makers of personal subliminal recordings do the best they can, hoping for great results. And often, consumers get them! Some people are very sensitive to subliminal recordings. We see this in the wide range of feedback received from individuals. On to the list!



10. Subliminal audio can help you quit a destructive behavior such as smoking, drinking too much alcohol, or worse. Not magic, it is a tool designed to help the person who has already decided to change.

9. You can improve your life! Subliminal recordings can actually help you achieve your goals through the power of suggestion.

8. Subliminal recordings can help a person relax and sleep better. These are very important components of health, happiness and success!

7. You can use subliminal audio to help build and maintain a healthy diet – and like it!

6. Subliminal recordings help people take their chosen skill to the next level. For example; you may want to improve your skills in a sport, hobby or career choice such as sales.

5. Study habits and time management: Subliminal recordings are widely used for improvement in these areas because almost everybody has difficulty with them. The same holds true for fear of public speaking!

4. Battling our fears and phobias: Crippling fears are deeply rooted in our subconscious minds and can be reduced or eliminated by the changing of our thinking. Thinking is what subliminal recordings can change!

3. Personal subliminal recordings are inexpensive and very easy to use; just plug and play, and forget it. Your subconscious will get the message. Hypnosis or therapy sessions are much more expensive.

2. Getting over depression, a life-changing event or tragedy is very difficult. For self-helpers, subliminal recordings are often instrumental in getting their lives back on track.

1. A stubbornly positive attitude can alter your body chemistry and help you to become healthy, happy and successful! Subliminal recordings can help you to build this positive thinking habit.

As you can see, there are many reasons to use personal subliminal recordings. Some people like to take their recordings to the next level and compose their own “custom” scripts. One can also obtain a recording of a particular subliminal track only, known as a “Silent” subliminal CD or .mp3 download. Silent tracks may be played in conjunction with other types of audio, radio, TV, or nothing at all. Downloads are widely available for those who prefer digital files to the CD. But be careful, these files are very large and should not be downloaded from a hand held device, phone or tablet. A computer with a high quality connection to the internet is still required, based on contemporary connections and capabilities. So use your desktop machine to receive the audio file; save it, and then you can copy the file over to your smartphone or tablet.

Please remember that the use of subliminal audio for personal improvement is not an exact science; no one can claim 100% positive results in every user; always seek professional, medical help for a serious condition; do not drive or operate machinery while listening to ocean waves or other soothing nature sounds audio, or any recording with content that is relaxing in nature because you could become drowsy; don’t use subliminal audio on someone without their knowledge, it is a matter of ethics. It would rarely have any effect- you cannot force a person to modify their thinking or behavior against their will. The ultimate purpose of subliminal recordings is to improve our life experience through intentional planning and achieve or maintain personal excellence. Consider the incredible power of determination, once it has been established. In our business, we work on creating various flavors of determination for our customers. Thank you for your interest. This is a free article provided by, a top producer of personal subliminal recordings on the internet since 2005.

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