The Lion Tamer

lion tamer

Do you know why a lion tamer uses a chair that has four legs when working with a lion? It is because it paralyzes the lion.

The lion is trying to focus on all four legs of the chair at the same time and he cannot do it, so he is paralyzed, or hypnotized.

As human beings, we are no different. It is almost impossible to passionately focus on four different things at once.

John C. Maxwell said, “It is much like an octopus on roller skates, a lot of activity, and no measurable results.”

Chunk things down if you have to. One thought, one action, and live in the moment.

Know your outcome, and always keep visualizing yourself as a lighthouse in a foggy world.

Happiness is a choice. When you choose to be happy now and live in the moment, watch the doors magically open for you.

Gratitude + Happiness = Abundance

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