Withdraw from Drugs at Home

tibor image Home There are about 15,000 Rehab and detox centers in the USA & Canada.  Unfortunately, statistics show that their national average success rate is only 20%. Tibor Palatinus, founder of DrugRehabAdvisor.com spent the past decade educating children about the damaging effects of drugs and addiction, and searching for suitable rehab programs to help individuals who had fallen victim of addiction.
After a decade of research we have so far  found 35 programs that produced results 3 to 4 time better than the national average. We only recommend centers that are client centered and focused on the person’s full recovery.

Why Some Holistic Rehab & Detox Programs Are More Successful

Holistic means addressing the whole person: socially, emotionally, physically, mentally, educationally, nutritionally, and medically. Holistic rehab & detox programs treat the whole individual. We’ll help you discover what to look out for so you can expect a 60% to 80% chance of success!
Conversely a non-holistic rehab program tends to focus on behavior and perhaps medical assessment. These non-holistic rehabs may include meetings and medication, that’s not holistic; even if they have an exercise or yoga class and call themselves ‘holistic’. Often a for-profit or insurance based rehab program is about numbers. I’ll help you spot those and avoid them before even calling them up.
Rehab means rehabilitating a person back to health and recovery while in drug rehab. Achieving a healthy recovery requires more than dry or clean time plus meetings. Rehabilitated applies to the whole person’s life.

The Right & Wrong Way to Measure Success in Rehab

There are several types of 12-step programs as well as alternatives to 12-step, and all define success differently, so it is important to know how a rehab program that boast a high success rate measures its success.
For example, a typical 12-step rehab center defines a success as someone who completes the first 3 steps of a 12-step program within 28 days, and is then sent home to complete the remaining steps. But you know that person is not yet worthy of your trust and stable enough to be considered a success.
Other rehab centers prescribe substitute drugs, which can be highly addictive, for months and years, and call this compliant person a ‘program completion or success’.
A Drug Rehab Advisor Success is:
At Drug Rehab Advisor, a ‘Rehab success’ is someone who is off ALL addictive drugs
and capable of living an honest and productive life after the rehab program is finished.
A medical ‘Detox success’ is someone who is stably off ALL addictive or abusive drugs with minimal to no withdrawal symptoms.
Over the past decade we have sent over 500 hundred addicts to specific rehab and medical detox centers across North America and spoken to about 15,000 people who went to other rehabs. During this past decade, we have found 23 private rehab and detox centers across North America that meet our standard of success and some that boast impressive success rates that are 4 times that of the national average.

Our services at Drug Rehab Advisor are complementary

We represent alternatives to 12-step and 12-step rehab programs. All these rehab and detox programs are Holistic, which means they help the person deal with all their life situations. Holistic programs also use the latest scientific breakthroughs to treat underlying medical conditions as well as the source of emotional distress. This is far more effective than merely treating symptoms with more medication.

Our Rehab and Detox Intake counselors will answer your questions, such as:

  • Which programs represent the best hope of recovery for your loved one?
  • Which centers accept PPO Insurance?
  • Where can you find a loan to finance a private rehab program?
  • Is one of these centers in your local area?
  • Will the center use medication to help recovery?
  • How can you convince a loved one to reach out for help?
  • How to increase the likelihood of success by 40%
  • How long is the program that we recommend for your loved one?

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