Energy and Objects a.k.a. The Recliner

Energy and Objects

Everything in this universe is energy. Cells, molecules, atoms, it is all energy.

I have an old recliner that use to belong to my wife. I absconded it about ten years ago.
It is like an old shoe, reasonably comfortable. Maybe it was just a bit too comfortable. Remember what I said in my book PTSD:

Comfort zones are like caves
Their darkness makes it hard to see
Their stagnant air grows stale and makes it hard to breathe
Their walls box us in
Their low ceilings keep us from stretching to our full height

In the ten years I have used this recliner it has been a place to eat, a place to meditate, and a place to sleep.

Here is the catch. The first 6 years of me and my recliner it was an escape hatch.
While in my deepest darkest, throws of depression when my world was crumbling and my mind was gone.
I sat in this same Lazy-Boy.
Hate, anger, resentment self pity and frustration just oozed off of me onto it.
Everyone walked on eggshells because I might snap into a fit of rage if you woke me up from my self induced depressive slumber.
My inner child with his PTSD was a mean little bastard.
Obviously I was not in charge of my emotional state at that time.
Gratefully today this is not the case.
Now, as I write this I am looking at my outline for my next book.
On the wall there are big poster size post it notes next to a big erasure board and when I sit in this chair the triggers remained.
It took me weeks to figure out that I was more productive writing anywhere but in this recliner.

I allowed the energy of this chair to take me to a place I did not wish to go.
So what do I do?
I either clean the old negative energy out of the recliner or I just get new one.

It has been 3 days and here is what I did.

I donated the old recliner to a charity releasing it to the universe.
I immediately felt lighter.
The wife and I bought a new chair that was just perfect for my office.
Most importantly I finished the chapter to my next book.

What have you been holding on to that you know is a negative trigger?
Is there any negative in your life that if released to the universe would free your mind, body and spirit?
What are you hanging on to?
The fear of the unknown?

Change is inevitable
Change is a must
Misery is optional.


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