Very Powerful *Mind Technique*: Lesson 2

Now that you have a handle on Affirmation Imprinting,
let’s move on to a similar mind technique that will help
you finally get the results you always wanted in life.

Mind Technique #2 is logically, Subliminal Messaging…

Subliminal messages are like affirmations in that they’re
also statements of the behaviors you would like to have…

They can be formatted a very similar way: personal,
positive and in the present tense.

BUT …Here is the critical difference with subliminal

You are going to “bypass” your conscious mind and send
those statements directly to your subconscious.  

Your conscious mind won’t even notice them.

You can see some ‘proof’ that these techniques not only
work, but can work extremely fast.

Find it here:

Why would we want to bypass the conscious mind?

Unlike the subconscious mind that accepts everything,
good or bad, that you say to it as fact, the conscious
mind uses reasoning, intellect, experience and emotion
to determine whether or not something is true or false.

If the conscious mind (I refer to it as the “critical
mind”) sees a statement as being false, it will reject
it and not allow it to reach the subconscious where it
could have made an impact.


Let’s say you’ve always been dirt poor, but you truly
want to accumulate wealth and enjoy a better lifestyle.  
So you start using the Affirmation Imprinting technique
that you learned in Lesson 2.  

Your affirmation is “I easily make ten thousand dollars
each month.”

You say this affirmation for weeks, maybe even months
with little results.  

What happened?  

My guess is the affirmation so far away from what the
current reality is, that your conscious mind is rejecting
that statement as being totally inaccurate.  

It’s saying to itself, “Make ten thousand dollars each
month??  I barely made ten thousand last year.  This
statement is absurd.”  

The statement is then dismissed and thrown out.

This is why we need to “bypass” the conscious mind and
send those statements directly to your subconscious.  

Go here to see the success others are having with this

You’re probably wondering why we would even bother with
Affirmation Imprinting when we could just use Subliminal

The reason for using both is because together they can
multiply the effects.  

So, let’s say:

You saw a 20 percent improvement using just Affirmation
Imprinting and saw a 40 percent improvement using just
Subliminal Messaging, you would get greater than 60%
improvement using them in combination.  

Also, the amount of natural resistance created by the
conscious mind is not only unique for each individual,
but it is also varies within the different areas of
your life.  

So you may have a strong resistance to the affirmation
“I weigh 135lbs” …

But have virtually NO resistance at all to the statement
“I easily earn ten thousand dollars each month.”  So
basically, combining both techniques instantly enhances
your results.


To do this we are going to need a little assistance
from technology.  There are two main types of subliminal
messages: auditory and visual.  

* Auditory (or audio) messages try to sneak by the
critical mind by being played at frequencies that we
can’t consciously hear.  My results have been mixed and
therefore, I tend to no longer use subliminal auditory
messages “on their own”.

* Visual subliminal messages are just what they sound
like.  These messages are going to be flashed in front
of your eyes for a split second.  It’s long enough for
your subconscious to register the message, but too quick
for you to consciously read it.  

Powerful positive subliminal ‘affirmations’ now flood
your subconscious mind — Without your critical mind
being able to filter them out!

There are many audio CDs and visual software programs
available to help you accomplish this, however…

The most effective way to use subliminal messaging
“combines” both Visual and Auditory commands.


The Success Accelerator video series is the only
subliminal program I have seen that uses BOTH visual
and auditory messages to bypass your conscious mind.

It has been professionally produced to the highest
standards and has received fabulous customer feedback.
It’s the only subliminal messaging program that I’m
prepared to put my name to.

You can find out more about it here.

Having received such phenomenal results with this
program myself, I can personally recommend the
effectiveness of these videos.

All you do is press ‘play’ and without you even
thinking about it or putting in any effort on your
part, your subconscious mind is getting bombarded with
powerful messages that will create the changes you want
in life.  

It doesn’t get easier than that.

Your “Action Plan” for Subliminal Messaging:

STEP 1) Purchase a visual subliminal message program.
I personally use and recommend the Success Accelerator
Video Series if you want a powerful program.

Check it out here:

STEP 2) Be sure to watch one of your subliminal videos
each time you use your computer (the best time is in

the morning, and again just before heading to bed).

Because these messages are “bypassing” your conscious
mind, powerful, positive changes will happen for you

In the next lesson, we’ll talk about Ideal Day
Generation, and why it may be the most important
thing you can do to achieving your dreams.

Until then, take care and have a great week 🙂


Richard A. Luck
New You Life Coaching

P.S. Right now, you can get a MASSIVE 40% discount on
the breakthrough Success Accelerator subliminal video
Here’s the scoop:

Blessings to you


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