Regrets?….No More

 This installment of our No Regrets guide I’d like to take a closer look at our inner identity – the identity that we are left with when we don’t have to act a certain way around anyone else and where many of our deepest hopes and fears lies.  There have been many names for it, but we’re abandoning those terms for the purpose of this lesson for simplicity’s sake and to ensure the terminology doesn’t get confused.  When we feel guilt about things, the feelings can be coming as a reaction to external events, or become an ingrained part of our inner identity and generate what is essentially an endless supply of guilt for our self doubt to feed on and bring forth enough apprehension to make us immobile and eventually paralyzed.
 But it doesn’t have to be this way.  With a few simple steps we can address this deeper inner guilt and get things back to normal.  First, it’s important to understand that our entrainment therapy opens up the mind in a way that allows this healing process to take place on all levels.  But supplementing with a few good thoughts can not only speed up the process, it can make sure nagging regret doesn’t come back later.  You can always find our entrainment tools to get you to a powerful start at

 First, look at your environment when you are feeling an intense bout of regret.  Ask yourself why you’re feeling such strong emotions.  “Why am I feeling regret?” and “What am I feeling regret about?” are great questions to get a focus on where these emotions are coming from.  But the problem all too often is that we get caught up in the habit of just moving with whatever emotions take us.  It’s normal when dealing with situations to feel strongly about what’s happening around us, or even with the occasional unexplained mood fluctuation.  But these nagging doubts and regrets can be self destructive in large amounts.

 Another source of strife for your inner identity is to actually take a moment to look at your identity as a whole.  Who are you?  What do you want in life?  What values do you hold?  What good have you done for others – no matter how small?  Think of something you’ve done that’s nice for someone else.  Think of some way you improved someone else’s life.  If you can’t think of anything that’s okay.  It doesn’t mean you haven’t done anything for anyone else, it means there’s a block there keeping you from being able to accept your own inner goodness.  If you want another powerful jump start to getting rid of regret, try doing something good for someone else.  Anything will do, but if it improves someone else’s quality of life in a way you can feel good about you’ll be well on your way toward being the same confident self assured person you were before.  For ideas on ways to help others you can do something as involved as volunteer work or as simple as casually helping others by doing small tasks to make their life easier.  Or even say things to those around you that will make them smile – not because of their wit, but because of their kindness.  Understand the good you’ve done in your world and understand that it has value in a meaningful way.  And during this time, be sure to use our entrainment therapy to make sure these positive feelings take root to make your identity one that understands your own value and the need for happiness and peace of mind.  You can find our entrainment therapy at



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