The Ageless Secrets, by Chris D’Cruz.

I like reading self-help books. The wealth of information found in these books is great and useful for anyone looking to improve themselves. However, a lot of books consist of rehashed material and offer nothing new to a regular reader like myself. That said, I have taken it upon myself to write reviews for several books I have read recently, in order to give people a guide on what books are worth their money and which ones should be avoided.
The latest book I read is The Ageless Secrets, by Chris D’Cruz. As the title suggests, this book contains a great amount of information of increasing your lifespan and improving the general state of your health.
As a self-help book, The Ageless Secrets fills a pretty small niche. Most other books give general guides on being, eating and living healthy, but D’Cruz instead provides specific information on living longer. He begins by giving historical information on how people from ancient times have managed to live over a century, despite the poorer, less-sophisticated healthcare.
Surprisingly, the information he provides is factual and accurate – he isn’t just spinning stories to prove his case. He goes on to unravel the mystery of how these people managed to achieve their longevity – typically due to a combination of diet, lifestyle and exercise. He also delves into more esoteric and ‘mystical’ arts that originate from the ancient Chinese empire, and gives the readers a primer on how they can make use of these secrets for their own benefit.
The Ageless Secrets provides more specialized information on generally being healthier and feeling better, information that I have yet to find elsewhere. Several of the concepts and techniques presented in this book are unique and have not been replicated in other books. The information is also presented in a simple and concise manner and is very implemented into your daily routine.
Beyond the primary e-book, The Ageless Secrets program also consists of several smaller supplements on improving your energy levels (using the classic systems of yoga, chakra meditation and tai chi, amongst others), improving your body’s self-healing capabilities and achieving the much sought after ‘eternal youth’. These other materials, provide a very useful supplement to the main e-book, as it gives comprehensive details on how to maximize each exercise – for instance, it gives a step-by-step breakdown on how to do proper chakra meditation as well as explaining how the chakra system works.
The Ageless Secrets program promises much, but it also delivers just as much. Just from the initial exercises and dietary habits it suggests, I began to feel healthier, more energetic and alert – and only after a week. Unlike typical health manuals, The Ageless Secrets has more pronounced, immediate effect and it doesn’t take too much effort to get into. A lot of the exercise and diet changes it suggest can be implemented in your life in a matter of days and is designed to fit into any schedule.
In short, I heartily suggest picking up this book for yourself. The benefits of improved health and increased energy will give you a fresh outlook at life completely revitalize you. pick it up now, while Chris D’Cruz still has it at an affordable price.

 The Ageless Secrets, by Chris D’Cruz.


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