Living With No Regrets

 Today I’d like to take a closer look at our No Regrets program by examining at just how regret recovery works.  Regret, as we covered in our last installment, is a natural emotion that we all feel in order to cope with a troubling incident with our past.  And there are a few things you can do with our entrainment therapy to ensure you get the absolute most out of it.
 First, take a moment to think about something you may regret, but not much.  Learn how the recovery process works.  Simply focus on a small minor detail that happened in the past in order to test out how your own mind deals with recovery.  You might be surprised with how “automatic” the process is, but that’s simply because a great deal is going on behind the closed doors of the subconscious mind.  This communication happens in ways we can’t always understand immediately.  But the results are undeniable.
 After you’ve selected something minor that happened in your past (if it’s minor and you still remember it, this might be something that happened in the past few months.)  Even these minor regrets are important to deal with as they can often lead to more destructive behavior down the road if left unchecked.  Then, get yourself armed with our powerful entrainment therapy.  You can find it at


 A good early step (which makes our No Regret therapy a breeze) is to admit the regrets are affecting your life in some way.  Rather than depending on a distant cathartic event that may or may not come in the future, simply look on it as something about yourself that you would like to change.  If changing your regrets seems like something you’re not ready for bear in mind how ineffective and destructive these emotions can be in your life’s journey.  Know that to feel suffering of any sort can be changed.  And while we cannot change the past, it’s well within our means to change the future.  You owe it to yourself, your family, and your loved ones to have a happy and enjoyable life rather than one filled with suffering and regrets.  And it can be as complicated or as simple as you make it.  The simplest route is outlined here and our entrainment therapy can be found at


 Keep in mind also that you will be dealing with emotions, so honesty is always important.  By being honest with yourself and giving yourself the good feelings you desire you prime yourself to become a better person in the future.  And that’s just the beginning.  With your new found ability to let go of the past, events won’t carry the same weighted fear they once did.  You will be living a more fulfilled and happier life.  As a result you can fill that new found happiness with helping others and everyone benefits.  To get the process started it’s as simple as getting started at


 One final note on coming to terms with your regrets is to remove it from your identity.  Just as we have an external identity where we have habits and personality traits, there is an inner identity that decides what we do in our minds and where we go in our minds as well as when.  Next time we’ll finish up our therapy on regret management by examining this inner identity, what changes we can make to help us through this task, and how to make those changes.

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