Hidden Self in the Healing Processes

Working toward healing the hidden being, for some is next to impossible. Most of the problems people have when working toward self-healing arises from misconceptions, doubts, or fears. The fear is often the root of the problem that hinders the person from discovering self.

The hidden self is buried in the subliminal conscious, which makes up our unconscious and subconscious mind. In this area, the mind is unintentional, yet millions of problems emerge because it is triggered.

When the mind is triggered, the emotions kick in and react to whatever memory the trigger hit. For instance, if the trigger stimulated a sad memory, such as the loss of a loved one, thus the emotions will react accordingly. You may find yourself in tears and many times not know why despite that memory emerged. This is because you did not have a resolve. Rather you repressed memories of the loved one dying. The repressed memories sunk, deep in your subliminal mind, which they rest until you are willing to discover why you feel the way you do.

Of course, grievance comes along with death. You probably openly grieved during the time your loved one died, which is normal, yet instead of facing the reality and going on with your life fully; you likely buried some of the pain in the subliminal mind. Moreover, something in your past could have triggered you.

In other words, perhaps long ago in your past, a similar action occurred, which at this time you were not ready to handle the stress and pain. You perhaps repressed the memories, which may had triggered other memories during the time of the loved ones death.

All of our pain and suffering comes from our past experiences, knowledge, learning, observations and so on. Everything we feel develops over the years and builds up. Most of the memories we may recall, yet many of these memories we often repress, which later nags us until we explore the subliminal conscious mind to find answers.

In this turn of events, hidden self in the healing processes becomes a task, yet if we have useful techniques and practice them daily, the task of subliminal learning becomes lighter.

How to discover useful techniques for self-healing:
Visiting the Internet is the place to find useful techniques for self-healing. Over the past 3 or 4 years, self-healing has been a major topic. You will find scores of articles that can assist you with the processes of healing the subliminal self. In the meantime, consider meditation.

Go to a peaceful environment. Recline, lying back, stretching your entire body in a comfortable position. Make sure that all distractions are removed.

Close your eyes. If you feel uneasy when closing your eyes then leave, your eyes open. You will need your visual tools. Using visualization picture yourself anywhere you wish to be. Put your self in natural surroundings. Studies show that people who connect with nature often heal sooner. Go to a faraway land. Visit any country you like, or any area in the world that you like. Allow your thoughts to express memories. Even if the memories come in parts, allow your memories to show you to the way to self-healing.

With each thought, move to acceptance, Even if the memory is something that causes you pain. Learn to accept that these are the things you can’t change; rather these memories are part of what made you who you are today. Continue. As you meditate, continue into the faraway area you visualized. Upon the point of complete relaxation, commence to explore your mind.

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