Subliminal Healing the Hidden Self

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Down in the gutter of your mind is your subliminal conscious, which makes up your subconscious and unconscious mind. In this area of the brain are hidden secrets, which if you explore you will find answers too many questions.

The trick is learning techniques that assist you with exploring the subliminal mind. Some people do well with meditation while other people find meditation a difficult task.

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You must learn techniques that your mind and body can adapt to in order to explore the subliminal mind. If your body and mind is reluctant to certain techniques, perhaps you can guide your body and mind to join in the action.

If you find it difficult to meditate for example, perhaps you can learn some guided relaxation strategies to encourage meditation. You will need to practice so that your mind and body adapts to probing into deep thoughts.

Meditative practices are the process of guiding the mind and body to relax, yet once you are relaxed, you go into a deep meditative state of mind. Some people enjoy meditation to relax, while others will use meditation to explore the subliminal mind.

In this instance, we are going to learn meditation to practice subliminal exploring. As I said, if you find it hard to meditate you will need to practice some guided relaxation steps first. Otherwise, look at the example below and follow the procedures.

How to meditate effectively:
First, you want to find a quiet area. Make sure that all distractions are removed from your environment. Find a restful position on your bed, couch, et cetera. Once you are in a relaxed position, close your eyes.

Once you have closed your eyes, begin a visualization process. Begin visualizing your toes. Think about how you feel as you imagine your toes. Work up the length of your body and focus on each response. Start to tense the body, and relax as you inhale and exhale, breathing naturally. Monitor your chest activities as you begin the breathing processes.

Continue breathing naturally and relax. Next, move to focus. Focus on somewhere you’d like to be now. For example, if you enjoy beaches, imagine yourself at a sandy beach on a beautiful sunny day. Let the sand creep into between your bare toes. Feel the sensations of nature over your flesh.

Visualize the sunbeams dancing off your body. Feel the sensation of heat as it takes you into a warm, sunny day. Let the splashes of crisp, clear water from the ocean touch your toes and feet. Take a deep breathe and think about the coolness on your flesh.

Once you have felt nature touch your skin, continue to meditate. At first, your thoughts may roam. Let it go. Do not try to repress any thoughts, since this is the prime reason that the subliminal mind buries hidden messages that creates self.

Once you feel relaxed, think about some problem that you have been stressed over for some time. Consider the problem. Think carefully. Do not let the problem escape your mind, rather probe into why it exists. Ask questions. Use self-examination and self-talk to query self. Why do you have this problem? What caused the problem? Who caused the problem? How did the problem develop? When did the problem develop? Where did the problem develop?

Think of your questions. Slowly work through each question. Start with where the problem developed. Probe into your mind until you think you have an answer. Ponder on what you discover. Next, attempt to find answers to your next questions and continue until you think you have answers. Practice this tactic each day until you finally work through each of your problems. Consider the natural processes of healing.

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