Release PTSD Like Daniel Taken From the Mouths of Lions

Release PTSD Like Daniel Taken From the Mouths of Lions

Repression released from past sorrow comes to us with PTSD when we are ready only.
Until that day we suffer in anguish (like Daniel in the lions� den) ever so lonely.

We may claim our innocence from doing any wrong when trauma came along.
We can share in the King�s lamentable voice to Daniel with a likened song.

King Darius represents a duality in the miracle of salvation through persecution.
It was from his order that the terrible deed was done for animal-like execution.

What needs to be noted in Daniel 6:10, 11, 20, and 21 is the discernment done.
In worldly authority a decree was unrighteous before it had even begun.

This horrendous event was not a random proclamation.
It was planned by wicked hearts that was thwarted through Godly emancipation!

Daniel knew the new law but went inside with courage kneeling as he prayed.
He left the window open and was betrayed, but certainly not afraid!

Contemplate a parallelism making the lions� jaws representative of great fear.
Then make this revelation that faith brought the courage needed and that is clear.

Just as in Job, God used His servant to prove a point, indeed.
Even at the point of peril in life and soul we must heed.

In Job 26, 27:1-6 he asks what have you done for your brother?
It is the responsibility to share our gifts beyond our father and mother.

Job talks about counseling those without power.
This includes those who suffer from PTSD that fear has devoured.

What better healer is there than one who has suffered as man?
To experience all of mankind�s love and strife was God�s master plan.

Jesus was born in body but created in the likeness of Christ, Holy Spirit, and Father too.
Eternal Spirit equipped Him with ever empathic ability to feel- ridding all the Blues!

No better way is there to heal the brokenhearted, but with another whose heart is mended.
Recall the revelation that salvation came from persecution from what heaven intended.

The wicked were only given temporary power.
They thought they had the upper hand with negative acts to devour.

What they did not realize was that it was given to fulfill what God had planned.
In Daniel 6:27, 28 proclaimed was his deliverance and rescue through power so grand!

Through faith, endurance, and perseverance we need to walk.
There are rewards for this that will be granted to the grateful in talk!

Do you want to know more about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)? Contact me and I will share from my own healed experience. I am also a Social Worker specializing in helping homeless Veterans get help for their own PTSD and poverty. Family, friends, and those with PTSD contact me at: See my books on Amazon at: Thanks!

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