PTSD Path to Heal Was Paved by God�s Plow of Knowhow

PTSD Path to Heal Was Paved by God�s Plow of Knowhow

It is true, really, that God can make a way out of no way!
In this instance, a pathway was provided to heal PTSD through poetry today.

You might compare this to digging a hole under Fort Knox.
Divine guidance opened up the VA services that are like a tight box.

Lost were all efforts to connect to the Mental Health program there.
What was conveyed is that Christ�s message to heal in rhyme could not be shared.

The strategy today was formed because an unopened email led the way.
Right at the time the conference was to start it was opened with invitation conveyed.

Within a few minutes a holy lead was given that had been hidden.
A man spoke up and proclaimed a resource of Bridging Chaplains bidden.

Then the door to communication connected with Divine intervention.
Discussed by phone call was a plan to meet to view poetry�s healing connection.

The Reverend reiterated not to expect a contract of work from this.
What was conveyed was an opportunity not to miss!

An agreement was set to review what a gift given in rhyme from the Divine could do.
The tip is that not everyone who has trauma is ready to get rid of what makes them Blue.

For some the path to heal is almost completely out of sight.
Satan�s grip in fear has some souls bound up incredibly tight in fright!

What needs to be noted is that this strategy to heal PTSD worked twice for me.
This heavenly essence of healing rhyme will work only for those ready, you see.

The light that leads down this curative roadway comes in perfect timing.
We need to feel that it is safe to let go of trauma through God�s rhyming.

There is a Celestial strategy to share that allows us to be rid of depression.
Work lost will give us the time we need to reflect and heal during this Recession!

With these circumstances what is needed to add is prayer and meditation.
Then the miracle of medicinal circumvention prevails through contemplation.

None of this is possible without the key ingredient of faith inside.
Without it all our previous plans will surely collide.

What comes next is persistence provided in this heavenly soup of relief.
A thankful heart for the supper provided by Christ instills this belief.

Do you want to know more about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)? Contact me and I will share from my own healed experience. I am also a Social Worker specializing in helping homeless Veterans get help for their own PTSD and poverty. Family, friends, and those with PTSD contact me at: See my books on Amazon at: Thanks!

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