How to recognize PTSD symptoms

Post-traumatic stress disorder is a strong emotional and psychological reaction to the extremes of violence, serious injury or death. Although symptoms may come and go with varying degrees of severity, it is important to recognize that when they do strike and to seek early professional attention.

Know the symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder

not Don forget that the symptoms of PTSD may not show up for a long time, sometimes years after the traumatic event. That can be activated so unpredictable, it is strongly recommended that the survivor of severe trauma to be treated even if asymptomatic.

Identify the classic PTSD symptoms: flashbacks of the traumatic event. With flashbacks, reliving the event in vivid detail the victims, and may come suddenly or gradually.

report feelings of shame, guilt or responsibility in connection with the traumatic event to his psychotherapist.

Look for breakdowns in their relationships and take note if you have little interest in things that once brought you joy. Discontent about the prospects for a happy future is also an indicator of psychological post-traumatic stress disorder is having negative effects on their quality of life.

Learn to recognize the remains of psychological trauma. If a patient is easily frightened, experiencing hallucinations (especially in relation to the traumatic event), or suffers nightmares about the trauma, it is likely that post-traumatic stress disorder is present.

Consider a person and withdrawal of emotional isolation from their loved ones as a sign that post-traumatic stress disorder may be present. Many suffer from let thoughts like “never understand” or “I do not want this burden with” do to withdraw from social situations.

Consider cognitive difficulties such as memory impairment, slowness and difficulty focus as possible symptoms of PTSD. This is especially true when these symptoms are present in combination with other signs of traumatic stress.

seek evidence of other destructive behaviors such as abuse of alcohol or illicit drug use. Also, learn to recognize the symptoms of anxiety and depression, as they often accompany PTSD.

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