PTSD Weakens From the Power of Forgiveness

PTSD Weakens From the Power of Forgiveness

Sometimes what we need to heal PTSD is right in front of us.
The cure waits in being picked up, like a passenger for a bus!

You know that it is coming in God’s perfect timing through faithful prayer.
A tip to remember is that our Source will only give us what we can bear.

For example, we may be tested through combating fear and poverty.
These become emotional boulders in our mind that prohibit prosperity.

It is how we chose to or not to continue to carry our burdens and loss.
When we visualize the peace of forgiveness we show PTSD who is the boss!

This image maker of the mind becomes personified when we let go of our pride.
Having a humble heart is the spiritual strategy that quickens our healing stride.

Christ has given us a powerful tool to tear down sorrow.
It is the Lord’s Prayer that reveals how to be happy today and tomorrow.

The keywords to this heavenly instruction are in the prayer’s plain view.
“Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us,” too.

Here, finally, is the answer to getting unstuck that is quite clear.
The power to be forgiven is to forgive as if we were looking in a mirror!

To continue in this heavenly paradigm love or hate is the reflection that boomerangs.
Whatever hurts we chose not to let go of is held onto inside our minds and hangs.

For some these wounds have grown very deep.
With others their sores that are not shown continue to fester and seep.

Science has now discovered in a pictogram how profound the wound is wound.
Those continued negative thoughts have manifested like black, bare trees bound.

Here is another tip on how to let go that the pictograph will also show.
In the science of the mind using repetitive positive thoughts the process is slowed.

That dead-branched forest starts to be cleaned out in just four days.
The strategy to heal is to trick the mind so negative thoughts are just a past faze!

The mind is like a garden that needs to be fed.
Feed it with kind, loving, thankful thoughts instead!

The miracle of this all is that at the point of decision to let go trauma subsides.
Application of these tools given and being thankful disallows PTSD to hide!

Do you want to know more about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)? Contact me and I will share from my own healed experience. I am also a Social Worker specializing in helping homeless Veterans get help for their own PTSD and poverty. Family, friends, and those with PTSD contact me at: See my books on Amazon at: Thanks!

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